eBay: Unsubscribe Newsletter – Here’s how

eBay regularly sends promotional newsletters to its members. If you annoy eBay newsletter, you can unsubscribe them as follows.

eBay: unsubscribe Newsletter

  1. Opens the Notification Settings on eBay *eBay: Unsubscribe Newsletter - Here's how. Logs you, if necessary.
  2. Scroll all the way down to the section Newsletter, advertising and surveys.
  3. Click on the link fade in.
  4. Removes all subscriptions and click on the button below to save.
Here you can unsubscribe any newsletter.Here you can unsubscribe any newsletter.

If you should get more Newsletter despite deactivation, calls the settings with another browser and checks to see if your changes have been saved. Sometimes it takes registers the newsletter cancellation a few days to eBay.

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