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Winyl is a competitive freeware audio player with some really handy features and an attractive appearance. We can use it to manage not only our audio files, but also listen to Internet radio stations.

From the amount of the MP3 player to the free program takes off Winyl pleasant. On the one hand, the program is tidy and not so totally overloaded with confusing features, but on the other hand, we find some good ways to manage our music library clearly. We can not only listen to our music, but for example, change the properties of MP3 files. A Lyrics Mode loads the text of the current track from the Internet, so we can read the lyrics while the music is playing.

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The Winyl features

Right after the start, we will ask Winyl to specify the disk folder with our audio files. That may well be more. After that the program reads the sound files and presents them and sorts the left menu by album, genre, artist or folder.

Audio Player WinylThe audio player Winyl delights us with a proper surface

Like most players of this kind uses Winyl, the meta tags of each file. But that he can also edit. Clicking change with the right mouse button on a track or album, so you can title and artist, genre, album name and more. Even album art can be classified as in arrears.

The player plays a direct Clicked music file, droning left alone but also through the whole album or all pieces in a disk directory. we can use all the switching elements of the player or the keyboard. These hotkeys, users can also customize entirely its own preferences. Of particular note, the CD-like icon to the left of the controls. It opens a new view, in the above-the album and the title can be seen and down the lyrics. Thus it is found, however, at least the name of the piece and artist must be present in the meta tags.

Winyl-lyrics-lyricsThe player Winyl invites the lyrics from the Internet

A further click on the quarter circle bottom left opens the album view. There we see only the controls next to the cover and album name. As you can see from the above screen also Winyl comes immediately with several skins so you his personal favorite surface can be activated. In addition, Winyl can switch between the full view and a mini player with the F5 key at any time.

The configuration we can adjust in the settings. The German-language program is also not cluttered, but offers some good options. For example, the choice of available audio equipment or the behavior of the Mini Player.

The menu of the player is the way to discover immediately. It appears as a small semicircle top left (or in other skins at the same point slightly differently). There we will see, among others and that can be started by pressing F6 an equalizer, which has a considerable number of defaults. Here we also find the option to add a piece or entire folders to a playlist.

From Winyl there is a setup version as well as a portable edition. The recommended, for example on a USB stick with many pieces of music. For if we not only his music with him, but also like his favorite player with all the settings.

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