Charging iTunes balance: how it works online and via PayPal

About iTunes you can not only your iPad or iPhone with new songs and movies fit, but your media library at home fill up with many new blockbuster movies, favorite songs, new apps and more. Will you not pay by credit card in Apple's media goals can, charge your iTunes your balances and pay next media content with it.

Charging iTunes balance: how it works online and via PayPal

For charging the iTunes credit you are several ways to do this.

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So you can charge your iTunes credit

Quite simply can recharge with iTunes prepaid cards you your credit. To load the funds now to your iTunes account, proceed as follows:

  1. Launches iTunes and selects the top right "iTunes Store".
  2. Here you can find now on the right side of the screen, see "At a glance".
  3. There you can "Redeem" button.
  4. After logging in with your Apple ID you can enter the code of iTunes credit card.
  5. About "redeem" your account will be charged with the respective amount of iTunes Card.

Charging iTunes balance: how it works online and via PayPal

There iTunes cards with discount

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iTunes balances also charge the iPhone and Android phone

The charge does not necessarily have done on the PC. Also on iPad, iPhone or an iPod Touch you can charge your your iTunes credit. Opens for the app store on that device. Now scroll until you reach the "Redeem" field. After successful login into your Apple you can now "Using camera" select the option to scan the code of the credit card or of course alternatively enter the code manually. After confirming the code amount of your iTunes account will be credited.

Charging iTunes balance: how it works online and via PayPal

Charging iTunes credit via Paypal

Will you not specifically buy a new iTunes prepaid card, you can account with PayPal charge. Gets use the web site of Paypal poison. Here you can buy a coupon code for an iTunes card over a certain value. iTunes is located on the hard disk, the selected credit can be loaded directly on the purchase link to your iTunes account. Alternatively, you get back a code that can be redeemed her as described above, to bring the balance on the Apple account.

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Check iTunes credit

Of course you can also query the iTunes credits to find out how much money is still available on your account.

  1. Opens this the iTunes Store.
  2. The store's existing credit will be shown at the top right.
  3. Will you call up on your iPhone or iPad your balances, open the App Store and click on the category &# 8220; Highlights&# 8221 ;.
  4. Now scroll down until you can see next to the Apple ID and the current credit for new purchases from the App Store.

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