4 blocks Season 2: TNT has already concrete plans for the second season

The first season of "four blocks" has been running since the beginning of May 2017 the pay-TV channel "TNT series", but the Neukölln clan series made even before that for neat vortex: At the Berlinale and the TV festival Séries Mania Paris reaped the series raging applause. Inspired by the positive response, the media company Turner Germany already decided before the TV premiere that 4 blocks should get a second season.

The productions of Turner Germany found so far are all well received - especially the Neuköllner Clan Series 4 blocks. As the series to clan leader Ali "Toni" Hamady (Kida Khodr Ramadan) should be accurately continued, is not yet known. All the news, facts and rumors about 4 blocks Season 2, we summarize for you at this point.

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4 blocks Season 2 - info

Much is on the second season of course not yet known. Turner Germany ordered Season 2 before the television premiere of the first season. Current plans TNT six more episodes, with the number of episodes also can expand, depending on how the first season performs. The broadcast in Germany for 2018 planned.

As Hannes Heyelmann, CEO of Turner in Central and Eastern Europe, compared to colleagues from DWDL explains, there is also already a clear idea for a second season - even if this course anything is revealed:

Then we have [...] received excellent feedback and even the press coverage has been overwhelming. Therefore, we have already given the green light for Season 2, [...] Most importantly, however, we have a compelling story for the second season.

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The creative minds behind the series had therefore already plans to move the series on the first six episodes out. Even if you still need to wait for initial feedback, Heyelmann explained:

There are as Serienfan nothing worse than a second season, when you had the feeling that there was behind any creative vision, but that behind alone put the interest in continuing the success. This is not the case with us definitely.

What do you expect from the second season 4 blocks? Leave us a comment with your opinion about the series and its sequel.

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