Samsung Galaxy S6: Many new themes in the store available

The new theme engine of the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is one of the most exciting software features of the upcoming flagships: Finally, the user can thus customize the look of the TouchWiz user interface according to your own ideas. To provide even more options, Samsung is currently expanding the selection in Theme Store to various designs.

Samsung Galaxy S6: Many new themes in the store available

Themes are available for Samsung smartphones have long, but the selection was usually rather sparse: For two or three preinstalled theme, the user was able to select his favorites until the icons but changed the themes not much on the surface. On most flagship smartphones last year from Samsung a corresponding function was missing even completely until the Galaxy A series a corresponding function found its way again. Here many system elements are adjusted to give a whole new look can be given to the entire smartphone: the personalization of the interface with the Galaxy S6 will launch. Thus users are sufficient to launch alternatives to the standard designs available, Samsung expands the moment the repertoire of designs to offer in the store. Many of the new designs can be seen already in the Theme Store, as we could see on our test model.

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Much of the themes appear here almost exaggerated childish to act sweet and loud - you get the feeling that Samsung looks rather about the younger user base as concerned about how the surface of its smartphones looks. but there are also some neutral designs are available, including a dark theme that should be conducive to the battery life, combined with the Super AMOLED technology the display. It will be interesting given the recent selection of which other themes will be to officially starting on April 10 sale of the new flagship smartphones. Furthermore, should also take place the release of a theme tools this month, can create your own designs with the developer. It would be desirable certainly that lay people could create their own creations, as is the case with the ThemeMaker by HTC.

Samsung galaxy S6 Theme Dark Samsung galaxy S6 Theme Dark-apps Samsung galaxy S6 Theme Dark-second

Colleague Jens has set itself with the new TouchWiz interface already in detail apart and was in particular very pleased with the various themes that are available on the Samsung Galaxy S6 available. His first impressions he gives you in this video:

73927Samsung Galaxy 6 Touchwiz in detail

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