Wileyfox Swift in review: Cyanogen smartphone for 170 €

How much a good smartphone must cost at least? 400 euros? 300 Euro? 200 euros? The Wileyfox Swift is in our test to prove that it is even cheaper: With a street price of around 170 euros it says Moto G and the likes to fight and can be highlighted by a number of unique features from the crowd of competitors.

Wileyfox Swift in review: Cyanogen smartphone for 170 €In short: The Wileyfox Swift is a real value-for-breaker and has a low price, a round pleasant Android experience. With an attractive design, solid hardware equipment and the feature-sided convincing performance as Android version Cyanogen OS, the smartphone is currently the best in the price range below 200 euros. Despite the tightly calculated price, the Swift surprised by meaningful bonus features: Dual-SIM LTE slot should inspire collective-bargain hunters and can be operated in parallel with the microSD slot, which in Swift actually still replaceable battery is also now a scarce become Good. Who is not too high demands on graphics performance and camera quality can not go wrong at a price of less than 180 euros with the device. Especially as an entry into the Android world you can put your heart and into the hand, the Swift newcomers warmly.


  • stylish design
  • liquid performance
  • replaceable battery
  • Dual SIM with LTE and separate microSD slot
  • Fantastic value for money

  • Camera unsatisfactory
  • (Yet) no Android 6.0 Marshmallow
  • Not enough power for complex games
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The rating takes her down in the text

Specifications of Wileyfox Swift: Technical data overview

display5-inch HD IPS display (1280 x 720 pixels, 294 ppi) with Corning Gorilla Glass 3
processorQualcomm Snapdragon 410 quad-core CPU
4x ARM Cortex A53 at 1.2 GHz, 64-bit capable
graphicQualcomm Adreno 306
random access memory2 GB RAM
Internal memory16 GB (expandable via microSD)
camera13 MP, Samsung S5K3M2 BSI sensor, dual LED flash
front camera5 MP
battery pack2500 mAh, exchangeable
Dimensions41.2 mm x 71 mm x 9.37 mm
mass135 grams
operating systemCyanogen OS 12.1 based on Android 5.1.1 Lollipop
To dyeblack
particularitiesDual-SIM LTE, notification LED with different colors, FM radio

Processing, feel and design of the Swift Wileyfox in Test


The Wileyfox Swift impresses with its discreet design principle, which is enhanced by some accents. These would include the orange shimmering ring around the camera, but also the striking company logo on the back of the device, which has the shape of a stylized fox head. Haptic the plastic reminds on the back almost artificial leather, but feels despite visual similarity not nearly as rough like the sandstone cover of OnePlus One and second fingerprints can be seen on it already, but difficult - any grease stains adhere meanwhile quite persistent ,


Creaking or wobbling we could despite the removable rear panel does not hear or feel - even if you have to settle in full as a building material with plastic, apart from the protected with Gorilla Glass 3 front. The portion of the display on the entire surface of the front (screen-to-body ratio) of 68.8% like for a five-incher in the lower middle are (for comparison, the Galaxy S7 with 5.1-inch display has 72, 1%, the iPhone 6s with 4,7-inch display 65.6%, which Nexus 5x with 5.2-inch display has 70.2%), but the device works well proportioned, the side bezels (distances between the display and equipment edge) are appropriate narrow.

Also, regardless of the price can therefore attest to the Swift a successful design, considering the price range, the presentation is even almost impressive. A minor complaint on our part, is only that the micro-USB port is so deeply into the case, that not every cable or other peripheral is mechanically Anchluss. Small bonus: The orange packaging that does not look cheap despite the somewhat thin cardboard. but are included neither a charging adapter still a headset, but only a USB cable. us has&# 8217; s not disturbed and also in most other households likely floating around them enough.

Start Photogallery(15 images)Android model? Functions that my iPhone is jealous ...

Display of Wileyfox Swift in Test


On the display brightness, the color display and the viewing angles of the Wileyfox Swift, there is not much to complain, but not much to praise. The IPS display has a true color display with good contrast and is very easy to read even at 70 percent brightness. However, the user has to deal with an HD screen resolution, so be content 1280 x 720 - in this price range that's just standard.

Who uses a flagship smartphone with full HD or even WQHD usually is quite able to make a difference in the sharpness; if only a subtle - with a pixel density of 294 ppi, the screen is still sharp enough. Outside operating in direct sunlight you have to turn up because of reflections, the brightness ever until it stops, but in any smartphone without matte protective film from the case. Overall, the display does the job without excel in a particular discipline, and surprised with a solid for the price range image quality. There is, moreover, a notification LED that indicates the charging status and incoming messages in different colors.

Powered by Cyanogen: the software from Wileyfox Swift in Test


Let's make it short: The software of the Wileyfox Swift is the Android, as we have always wanted it. No unnecessary bells and whistles, a lightning-fast performance - despite the relatively weak processor - and a look in the spirit of Google's material design. Who knows a little in the Android world will know is possible for the firmware of course, because these are to CyanogenOS 12.1, based on Android 5.1.1 Lollipop. It is the "commercial" version of the most famous and widely used community distribution of an open source operating system at all: CyanogenMod.

The software is based largely on stock Android and can here and there in detail with additional parameters that can score points. In particular, the excellent theme manager of Cyanogen OS and the granular settings for rights management for apps are highlights of the software. Bloatware conspicuous by its absence, at least if you do not see the Google applications as such, many of those same can be otherwise disable. Solely the fact that there is still no marshmallow update for the Swift, clouds the overall impression a little and deducts a point deduction by itself. But this is to be delivered soon - at least the custom ROM version CyanogenMod 13 has been published for the Swift. In this price range not relevant evaluation, but still worth mentioning: the Wileyfox Swift has over a double-tap-to-wake function just as a fingerprint scanner.

Gallery Wileyfox Swift: Software

  • (Figure 1.8):
  • (2/8):
  • (Figure 3.8):
  • (Figure 4.8):
  • (Figure 5.8):
  • (Figure 6.8):
  • (Figure 7.8):
  • (Figure 8.8):

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Nimble Fox, despite entry-chip: the performance of the Wileyfox Swift

The daily performance of the Wileyfox Swift is exemplary: surfing, listening to music, read e-mails and write, Facebook, WhatsApp and most other common tasks in 2016 for a smartphone mastered the device without unnecessary Nachdenkpausen; just when multitasking You will clearly see the fact that the manufacturer is not stingy with memory and has the Wileyfox donated Swift for the price range lush 2GB of RAM. In games or demanding apps load times, however, are noticeably longer than you would expect as users of high-end devices.

Wileyfox screenshot AnTuTu Swift Wileyfox Swift AnTuTu

Even older 3D games like Wild Blood and less demanding 2D games can be smoothly on the Wileyfox Swift play. Here is noticeable that the Adreno 306 GPU has just only to fire a 720p display in the SoC. Benchmark fans we can also AnTuTu run on the device, where the Swift "only" reached 24,666 points. But this score takes no account of good subjective performance &# 8211; Cyanogen OS makes the most out of the device, which just goes. Those who do not too often used his smartphone to gamble or can do without demanding 3D games will be pleased with the performance of Wileyfox Swift. By the more moderate performance smartphone is also almost never warm, uncomfortably hot let alone.

Telephony and audio when Wileyfox Swift

Optical Illusion: Right only really is a speaker and the sound is thinOptical Illusion: Right only really is a speaker and the sound is thin

Call quality in Wileyfox Swift is not a problem; intelligibility is given on both sides and the reception was not unpleasant. The quality of the built-in speaker is acceptable, but you should not expect miracles here: At high volume, distortion is almost unbearable, overall the sound is rather thin and tinny. Via connected headphones or speakers but the Swift delivers a solid sound.

Connectivity and storage of Wileyfox Swift

Internally, only 16 GB are installed in Wileyfox Swift, in this price range are currently also hardly be expected. There are at least a microSD slot as - by the way independent of the SIM slot - bonus, which can be used to retrofit theoretically up to 200 GB of memory. The course can only really on the internal memory it expected if the Wileyfox based on Android 6.0 Marshmallow Cyanogen OS auszurollt 13th With Android 5.1.1 one is the use of SD memory for external application data - if the app allows this - photos, music, videos and the like thereof.

In addition, the Swift has a dual SIM slot. With this you can make calls not only with two SIM cards, but actually use LTE over both SIM cards. On the software side is solved, the dual SIM feature user-friendly; it can be set which SIM card default for which function used, or to be selected manually before each call. Important to know, however, that WileyFox does not rely on the established nano-SIM standard. Both SIM slots require a now almost a archaic to be designated micro-SIM. who has only nano-SIMs, so should be timely appropriate adapters - a penny items on Amazon *Wileyfox Swift in review: Cyanogen smartphone for 170 € or in stores - get.

Battery life and the Wileyfox Swift

Battery life-wileyfox screen-on battery life

Not only the performance but also the endurance in everyday life is satisfactory, but not outstanding. One working the Swift 3 hours Screen-on time should survive well, even if you play some little CPU heavy games such as Ascension, uses different Messenger and can synchronize multiple e-mail accounts. Of particular note is the very low standby power consumption: Overnight the Wileyfox Swift hardly loses energy, clearly visible in the screenshot.

A quick charge we missed the smartphone needed to fully charge a bit lengthy 2.5 hours. Who uses his smartphone intense and carries around no power bank with it, this could come in shortages. The rechargeable battery is replaceable, even though still lacking options to be able to buy a spare battery separately.

The camera of the Wileyfox Swift in Test

Wileyfox-Swift-test photo-6

Here you can tell the device for the first time its price significantly, especially if you usually used a more expensive smartphone with higher-quality camera. In daylight the results are indeed acceptable, in terms of image sharpness the photos despite the nominally high resolution of 13 MP in detail but not entirely satisfactory. In addition, the colors are often washed out and not true to reality. After all: The autofocus works quickly and reliably. In the camera app is a slight variation on the Google Camera, which in places is unfortunately held entirely in English. Since there are hardly any really useful functions and occasionally some bugs occur in the display in landscape mode, you should (only available as an APK currently) Download the original Google Camera app.

Gallery Wileyfox Swift: camera photos

  • (Figure 1.12):
  • (Figure 12.2):
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  • (Figure 7.12):
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  • (Figure 9.12):
  • (Figure 10.12):
  • (Figure 11.12):
  • (Figure 12.12):

can do wonders to change the camera app, of course not: Under low light, the image quality deteriorates by noise and increasing blur further, since even to weaken many high end smartphones in this discipline, but pose no serious criticism of the Swift.

Wileyfox Swift: test shot of the front cameraWileyfox Swift: test shot of the front camera

The front camera takes photos with a maximum of 5 MP 4: 3 format and is for snapshots (but only for those) suitable. For Instagram, Snapchat & Co. is likely to be the camera of Wileyfox Swift perfectly adequate; but who would like to hold special moments with his smartphone, will not be happy with the image quality probably.

Wileyfox Swift: test video camera

1614Wileyfox test video

In the quality of the video recordings Wileyfox Swift unfortunately can not convince: Videos are indeed recorded in full HD in theory, but the focus can be much to be desired. In addition, the quality of the sound recording in videos is hard to describe as acceptable. Only the fast autofocus is praise worth noting; at much sunlight (and with an external microphone) maybe something can be done, but tends to be the Wileyfox Swift is not intended to replace a video camera.

Wileyfox Swift: Galleries

Gallery Wileyfox test photos

  • (Figure 20.1):
  • (Figure 2.20):
  • (Figure 3.20):
  • (Figure 4.20):
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  • (Picture 18/20):
  • (Picture 19/20):
  • (Picture 20/20):

Our test rating for Wileyfox Swift

  • Processing, feel and design: 4.5
  • display: 5.3
  • Software: 4.5
  • Performance: 5.3
  • Telephony and Audio: 5.3
  • Connectivity and storage: 4.5
  • Battery and everyday life: 4.5
  • Camera: 2.5

Rating: 68%


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