Bloodborne: The control in the gameplay trailer

The new gameplay trailer for Blood Borne explains you really meticulously how the control works. Although so far understand neither English or German, but still you should all &# 8211; especially when their experiences have you done with Dark Souls.

Bloodborne: The control in the gameplay trailer

Did you know that if you use the left stick to move your character? And with the right stick you can even control your camera. Wow! Luckily, the tutorial video comes to control bloodborne at some point to the exciting parts, such as dodging and fighting. Especially cool is the function that distributes and combined with her your one-handed weapons to a huge two-handed weapon properly. But do best own picture.

Bloodborne appears at March 25, 2015 for PS4.

2811Bloodborne Gameplay Trailer

If you move you with the left stick and want to look around with the right stick, then you can pre-order you Bloodborne here:

Order before me! Pressures to left mouse button!*



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