restore the library to the iTunes XML library file

iTunes stores the information on the personal library in the file "iTunes Library.itl". In the same folder to the "iTunes Library.xml" file found. This contains not only useful for third party programs information about the library and the data that are required for a restoration of "iTunes Library.itl" file. As such restoration with the iTunes XML library file is performed, please refer to the following sections.

The iTunes download stores, among other information about the personal library in the file "iTunes Library.itl". In the same folder but in addition also "created iTunes.xml" of the program the file that is responsible to provide third-party programs on your system information about your library; For example, the title of the stored songs or the saved playlists. Moreover, this iTunes XML-File be used to restore the iTunes Library.itl if it is damaged or deleted. How this works in detail is illustrated below.

iTunes XML Screenshot Find in iTunes XML library file

Preparing restore the library

The library of iTunes with above-mentioned XML-restore file, following steps are necessary: ​​First, you have iTunes if you just open it, stop and go to the folder in which both the "iTunes Library.itl" file and the "iTunes.xml" file contains , This folder named "iTunes" can be found under "Users", "User Name" and "Music", which is to replace "username" course by the respective user name.

Did you find the two files, move the iTunes Library.xml file to the desktop and "iTunes Library.itl" to trash the file.

iTunes XML Screenshot allows you to import the iTunes XML library fileStart Photogallery(17 images)iPod classic with HiRes Audio: FiiO X1 in our "test lab"

import the iTunes XML library party

After you have completed the above steps, launch iTunes and go in the "File" menu to "library" and "Import Playlist". Now look through the opening file browser the location of the "iTunes.xml" file. Select this file now and click the button "Open". Now the XML file is loaded from iTunes to the library, thereby repairing the "iTunes Library.itl" file.


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