use AirPlay with Android: stream movies and music

With AirPlay, Apple provides a way media from iOS devices such as iPad and iPhone, but also Mac OS X on devices such. to stream as speakers and TV. With an AirPlay connection for you can. Play as music from the iPhone via a loudspeaker without the clutter of wires in the living room. During the Stream Apple internally runs smoothly in general, the combination of AirPlay devices is more problematic to other sources. Find out here how you can use with Android AirPlay.

use AirPlay with Android: stream movies and music

Will you therefore without iPad or iPhone via AirPlay z. As seen with Apple TV movies, this is also possible with an Android device. In addition, you learn here how you can send music and video from an iPad to an Android device.

AirPlay on Android

The app AirAudio is available in the Google Play Store and provides support AirPlay devices using Android. Although the download of the app is free, but you have to € 4.99 for the full features pay per In-App purchase. In the free version you can be convinced you of the functionality of AirPlay app for Android. After a short time of acoustic listening pleasure in the free version but is interrupted by annoying beeps.

airaudio-screenshotAlthough AirAudio is an excellent app for the stream AirPlay with Android, but it needs a root

is another limitation of AirAudio that your Android device must be rooted. Without root only sounds from the microphone of your Android device are transmitted via AirPlay. Have you installed the app on an Android device with root, AirAudio searches for the first Start your network automatically after AirPlay-enabled devices from. Do you choose the desired device, the sounds of your Android device sound now on AirPlay speakers.

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received with Android airplay and send

Even with XBMC you can receive with your Android device AirPlay. XBMC installed on the Android device and calls the section &Network; # 8220&# 8221; out. At the bottom there is an entry &# 8220; AirPlay&# 8221 ;. Enabled and XBMC receives via AirPlay transmitted data. To ensure that only the desired data from you via AirPlay on the Android device will be sent a password protection can be set here.

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Will you, however, send media files to Android to a AirPlay device, for this purpose, the app is AllCast. Installed and the app starts. Are you connected to the home network, the application automatically searches for AirPlay devices in the area. Selects this and you can you photos, music and videos from your phone Select memory to stream the content via AirPlay. +


Other apps that you can use Android AirPlay

The Google Play store lists some other apps that you connect AirPlay and Android can. About the Honey player selects her your AirPlay station and the music stream on the Android device can begin. Unfortunately, the Honey Player has to deal with some errors. So the stream breaks in part on or play songs faulty. In addition, you can transfer the Honey Player no content to Apple TV. AirPlay app for Android is for € 3.49 in the Play Store available.

honey-player-screenshotWith the Honey Player their music from Android via AirPlay can stream

Apple TV AirPlay Media Player

Apple TV AirPlay Media Player you get also from the Google Play Store. This app is even free of charge, but requires you to register. After installation AirPlay devices are automatically detected and can be added as a device. Apple TV should be as such. emerge as the Apple TV AirPlay Media Player as an app. All media content such as videos and music are transmitted to the media player from Android via AirPlay. Airport Express is not supported.

appletv-airplay-media-player-screenshotEven the AppleTV AirPlay Media Player creates the combination of AirPlay and Android

Twonky Beam

Last but not least, should you look at you Twonky Beam if you're looking for an app to connect AirPlay and Android. Twonky Beam uses DLNA for transmission and providing the ability to other, non-AirPlay devices on the network for the media stream to be used. Even Twonky Beam can not keep up with the full functionality of iOS devices, but if you're looking for a way to use AirPlay with Android, should take a look at the free app anyway.

Twonky-beam screenshotTwonky Beam joins AirPlay and Android

With us you also learn how to use Amazon Instant Video to Apple TV.

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