Path of Exile

The alleged killer Diablo Path of Exile comes from the New Zealand development studio Grinding Gear Games. Have not heard? Then it's time you have&# 8217; s which is to fit it.

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Path of Exile

If you like lootet monsters for gold, rumfummelt in skill tree and draws on the archetypes of the classic fantasy character classes, is wrong in Path of Exile. There is no gold, your skills learned through her ended Gems and the character classes are more window dressing for the program. hot!

So, how to act, how to stand out from the other characters? Path of Exile has also pointed some striking answers. But this application has to deal briefly with the story of the MMORPG.

The story of Path of Exile

As one of seven criminals you are thrown overboard near the prison island of hand. With a simple plank her slaps you then from the inhospitable beach the next camp survivors, and then start your adventure.

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Gold is worth nothing here, but you have with other players and NPCs found or Crafted items exchange, in order to reach better equipment. The cash dropped Gems should you keep better if they fit your class here, however.

Path of Exile: The characters do not look nice, but you see them only from a distancePath of Exile: The characters do not look nice, but you see them only from a distance

The classes of Path of Exile

  • Marauder: The tribal warriors is a muscle man and fights preferably with two-handed weapons
  • Ranger: Endowed with the bow fixed on dexterity
  • Witch: The witch attacks with spells. Her attributes are the intelligence and Mana
  • duelist: The agile fencer uses mainly two weapons. Strength and skill are well balanced
  • Templar: The holy warrior has let come to owe something and paired strength with intelligence
  • Shadow: The Assassin uses skill and intelligence to lure his opponents into a trap
  • Scion: The daughter of corrupt nobleman is an all-rounder and should not be underestimated

Path of Exile: This ingenious skill tree

The Gems socketed in all kinds of equipment, are responsible for what skills learned your character. There is yet one more skill tree, as we know it from other RPGs. However, this only affects passive values. And not just a few: One counts just over 1000 skills in the tree.

Path of Exile: This skill tree is large ...Path of Exile: This skill tree is&# 8230; bigPath of ExiledownloadQR codePath of ExileDeveloper: Grinding Gear GamesPrice: 0 Did you "Path of Exile" fallen from Jonas Wekenborg?Write us in the comments or share the article.We look forward to your opinion - and of course you must like us on Facebook,twitter or Google+.

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