LED projector – that is behind the technology

Cheaper, more durable, new - these are LED projector summarized in a few words. But Beamer with LED technology are better than DLP or LCD projector? We say's you.

LED projector - that is behind the technology

Granted, brand no longer LED projectors on the market. However, the equipment needed for a while until they made their breakthrough and were able to prove in the segment against the known LCD projector and DLP devices. If you want to know read on how LED projector function and whether a purchase or switch could really pay off.

So work LED projector

Technically it concerns with LED projectors to an image production process, which is the DLP projector not that dissimilar. Through a DLP chip, the light from the projector is directed and then thrown to the canvas. Unlike DLP projectors, there are, however, no color wheel that is constantly rotating. Rather, light-emitting diodes (in other words LEDs) mixed used in the three primary colors (red, green, blue) and so as to represent almost any color. If you are interested in the differences between DLP and LCD projectors, we have as elsewhere an article for you. But there are other advantages that speak for an LED Beamer:

  • LEDs consume less power - battery usage possible.
  • Radiate less heat and can therefore be installed in smaller devices.
  • Low running volume because cooling systems can be smaller.
  • Life of LEDs higher than traditional lamps (10,000 hours or more).
  • Very reasonable entry-level models

LCD vs DLP projector in our test*

LG-PF1500The LG PF1500 is quite expensive, but it offers also native Full HD.

As with any technical device but there are also things that argue against a LED projector and a DLP or LCD projector. Here you can take a look at the disadvantages throw:

  • Light output comparatively weak - rooms must be greatly darkened to get a good picture.
  • Native Full HD resolution is not standard and expensive.
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LED projector in the overview

  • Acer K335 from Amazon *
  • LG PB60G from Amazon *
  • Philips HDP1550 from Amazon *
  • LG PF1500.AEU from Amazon *

LED Beamer: Yes or No?

So far, for those who are looking for a cheap projector and can live with the fact that the light output is relatively weak, must not necessarily make a big circle around the LED projector. As a full-fledged TV replacement they are not yet good enough, but that can still become. but for a movie night every now and then it is worth it - if you can do without a full-HD resolution to also benefitting even from a comparatively low purchase price.

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734IFA 2015: Beamer Highlights from LG

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