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You can format in Word, the first page, if you, for example, want to do without page numbers, headers and footers. We tell you how you can do it very quickly.

Formatting Different First Page: Word

There is no problem to format the font, alignment and layout in Word on the first page differently than the rest. However, there are some areas on a Word page that should remain left out at a global formatting generally. This is the case with universal headers and footers, as well as the page numbering. Normally, the count should begin only on the second page. With these simple steps you sets the.

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Set Word headers and footers and page numbers on the first page,

Sense makes the whole mainly when you even in your rest of the document uses a common header or footer and want to leave now in Word on the first page. Page numbers are usually found in the footer or header. Accordingly, they belong together.

word-first-page-different-head lineThus, a first Word page is different

So should differ these areas only on the first page, then proceeds as follows:

  1. Go with the cursor to End of the first side and inserts a page break, by her the key combination Ctrl + Enter suppressed.
  2. Now one adds quick double in the header or footer the page. the rider now appears above Header & Footer.
  3. There, in the area design, finds its option First Page. Sets there is a catch.

Then you can with the mouse in the header or footer click and make this. You can clear any page numbers, add all other text or just leave everything empty. The universal formatting is retained throughout the document, only on the first page Word is different.

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start page numbering on the second page of 1: Special tip

If the first page will look different in Word because it is a title page, one page numbering at page 1 might still begin. However, was the numbering disabled on the first page, Word counts them with anyway.

word-first-page-other-side-1 payIn Word format the first page, and do not count the number of pages

Will you now use the first page as flyleaf and start counting on the second page with page 1, then makes the following:

  1. Click the top menu on the Insert tab and there in the range header and footer on page number.
  2. In the following menu clicks Formatting page numbers.
  3. Down at pagination you sit in field starting at a 0 and stores with OK.

Now, the first side has the number 0, and the second side has the page # 1.

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