Hamachi Error 1053: “The connection to the engine could not be established”

The VPN service LogMeIn Hamachi is mainly used by PC gamers for simulating a local area network over the Internet and to play with friends and acquaintances. But IT administrators work with LogMeIn Hamachi to have a tool for remote maintenance of network systems. But what to do if an error reports that the connection with the engine could not be established? We offer you the best solutions.

Hamachi Error 1053: & quot; The connection to the engine could not be produced & quot;

The error messages &# 8220; The connection to the engine could not be established&# 8221; or &Error 1053, 8220&# 8221; outputs LogMeIn Hamachi, when the tunneling service of the program has not started. This can have different causes. To make Hamachi functional again, the service from the Control Panel must be restarted.

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LogMeIn Hamachi Error 1053

The Hamachi Error 1053 leads to the fact that the Windows service manager is not ready to carry out your request. Before their entries modifies the registry, you should make sure that you have installed pack for Microsoft .NET Framework, the latest service.

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Are weary still the error message &# 8220; Error 1053: The service did not respond to the start or control request&# 8220 ;, you can also try the following:

  1. Gets to Start > Program / file browse command &# 8220; regedit&# 8221; on
  2. Move into the folder HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE / SOFTWARE / Wow6432Node
  3. Goes in search of the entry LogMeIn Hamachi
  4. still missing the file EngineConfigDir, you have to add this yourself (right click > New > string)
  5. Now, start the service LogMeIn Hamachi Tunneling Engine as described above

Who is stuck at this point, can say a big thanks to halt guest who has found another way to bring Hamachi running again:

  1. Goes to the previous guidance again in the Services tab in the Task Manager and look for the service LogMeIn Hamachi
  2. Right-click on the entry and choose Properties
  3. Now click Sign in and activates the hook for Local System account and this account
  4. Give one of your user data
  5. Confirmed and starts new Hamachi


On page 2, you learn as you in the error message &# 8220; The connection to the engine could not be established&# 8221; can permanently fix at Hamachi.


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