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Dust 514

The developer and publisher CCP Games, better known as the creators of the successful online role-playing game &# 8220; Eve-Online&# 8221; knows how to sell yourself. No, E3 2011 is not about just about EVE itself, but a very special branch in the EVE setting, which is likely to come exclusively for Playstation 3 in the form of a shooter on the market.

Dust 514: Interaction of the Worlds

There is talk of "Dust 514" of CCP Games. Persistent rumors promise a kind of connection between the shooter "Dust 514" and "EVE Online" exactly how this looks is not more widely known. It is clear that the player is "Dust 514" takes on the role of a ground-based mercenary and spaceships will play a minor role. So the player is probably mainly on solid ground, perhaps on habitable planets in New Eden. Meanwhile EVE players from outer space could fire on the battlefields with their space cruisers air support.

The less known to the story of "Dust 514", namely almost nothing, the more was said about the technique from the game. Sun is probably the best Unreal Engine 3 For use in "Dust 514". According to CCP is currently gewerkelt of impressive light effects and the Unreal Engine specially aufgetuned it.

"We already have stunning real-time lighting effects with geomeric&# 8217; s generated Enlighten technology on the PC. Now we have a partnership with geomeric&, S to integrate these effects into the Unreal Engine 3; #. 8217 The results so far have blown me away! "Said Hilmar Petursson, CEO of CCP.

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