Apple ID forgotten – what now?

The Apple ID is the user for many Apple services. Who has forgotten the Apple ID can not access apps, music and books - even iMessage and FaceTime are affected. We show you how to get back to the entrance.

Apple ID forgotten - what now?Source: Apple

Apple ID forgotten: As you arrive at the name and password

On various Apple devices - also on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch - with an Apple ID for access to various services. Even the Mac App Store, iTunes and Apple Music, FaceTime and iMessage are linked by many users with these access data. With a few steps you can make a forgotten Apple ID retrieve the owner and also reset its password.

Search e-mail account on Apple's portal

helps in the search for the Apple ID is Apple ID portal the first place.

  • Manage Account - Apple ID


There, click on "Apple ID or password?" And then "forgotten Apple ID?" In order to seek their own Apple ID, you now enter the name and e-mail address. The trick: In most cases, corresponds to the e-mail address of the Apple ID. Whoever tried a few e-mail addresses that should sooner or later come to their own Apple ID.

Search on a registered iOS device or Mac

Maybe the Apple ID is closer than you think - for example, on your own Mac or iOS device. In the system settings of the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, there are five areas where you could find the Apple ID: iTunes & App Store, iCloud, news > Send & Receive, FaceTime as Mail, Contacts, Calendars.

Also on the Mac, you can find the Apple ID in several places, including in the system settings in the area iCloud. Also in settings the app news you can find them under maybe account - as FaceTime and the calendar.

Apple ID to find out with iTunes purchase


Songs that have been purchased from the iTunes Store, are associated with an Apple ID. The purchase ID can be seen in information-Window (right click) of the title, see "Buyed by"Ads.

Apple ID: Password Reset

Anyone who has found his Apple ID, but its password can reset this in different ways.

The starting point is again the Apple portal to manage the credentials. Click on "Apple ID or password?" And indicates the next step the Apple ID. Then you have to decide: either answered it - as long as you can because - the security questions or can send a reset link via email.



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