ARK – Survival Evolved: new map & quot; The Center & quot; in detail

The makers of Dino-open world ARK: Survival Evolved paste additional content in the early access game at regular intervals. New dinosaur, objects, weapons and Co. enrich so little by little your gameplay. The patch 241.0 brings you even a new card called &# 8220; The Center&# 8221 ;. 

Stop! So new is the Map &# 8220; The Center&# 8221; but not for old hands of ARK: Survival Evolved. &# 8220; The Center&# 8221; is actually a map, you can download it as the one of many mods in Ark. The development studio Studio Wildcard was now known, however, that they want to buy good mods of amateur developers, and simultaneously published the Patch together new map. So if you have no previous mods installed, or has the Xbox One version of ARC: Survival Evolved, you may now from free DLC benefit.

See here the ARK: Survival Evolved trailer for new map &# 8220; The Center&# 8221 ;:

26883Ark Survival Evolved The Center TrailerStart Photogallery(9 pictures)Survival Evoled - ARK: get Bionic skins without real money - how it works

ARK &# 8211; Survival Evolved Twice larger than standard Map

The free Map &# 8220; The Center&# 8221; for ARK: Survival Evolved was released as DLC. but ye must still download manually. Is this the Xbox Store or Steam in order &# 8220; The Center&# 8221; to download. Do not you free update? Then checks to see if their updates off have. The PC patch has the version number 241.0, the Xbox version 734.0. The center-Mod originally developed Ben &# 8220; EvilMrFrank&# 8221; Burkart. In painstaking work he has created a huge card is twice larger than the standard-Map. The Center - ARK Expansion MapdownloadQR codeThe Center - ARK Expansion MapDeveloper: Studio wildcard Instinct Games, Efecto Studios, Virtual Basement LLCPrice: 0 This offers you the new map &# 8220; The Center&# 8221 ;:

  • a floating island
  • Lava biome with volcano
  • a huge underground system
  • Grande ruins
  • can underwater bubble in which to build their houses
  • new caves
  • Ice caves with yetis
  • new end-game content: boss battle with rewards

Additionally, it has world one Edge, represented as a giant waterfalls. The underworld in &# 8220; The Center&# 8221; alone is so large that you can build it with your Tribe gigantic cities. You do not have to? Read in another guide, as you can create a tribe or place.

& Quot; The Center & quot; is a huge map with tens of biomes.&# 8220; The Center&# 8221; is a huge map with tens of biomes.

This is what &# 8220; The Center&# 8221; out

You're not sure you, if ye &# 8220; The Center&# 8221; for ARK: Survival Evolved really want to download? In the following Gallery takes her a few impressions from our DLC test. The beach had some artifacts, which you can recognize pink dots. As we know, the developers, which will, however, soon eliminated with a patch.

Gallery ARK: Survival Evolved - New Map \"The Center \" in pictures

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You can at the beginning eight different spawn points appear on the map. Did you download the DLC for free, you can now choose whether you on the standard map &# 8220; The Ark&# 8221; or &# 8220; The Center&# 8221; want to play. Then you pick your spawn point:

  • lava Iceland
  • Snow South
  • Snow North
  • Jungles North
  • Jungles Mid
  • Jungles South
  • Tropical Iceland North
  • Tropical Iceland South

Our best experience we have with the jungle made. As with the standard map is also the south to recommend. The Tropical Islands should you look at you when you look for an easy entry. lava Iceland is the hardest spawn point. After a few seconds all possible Dinos come up to you and kill you. You see just running toward you no Carno or Rex, a scorpion does the rest.

These are the different sections of the map. (Source: ARK)These are the different sections of the map. (Source: ARK)

Ark &# 8211; &# 8220; The Center&# 8221 ;: Where build and settle down?

In &# 8220; The Center&# 8221; have you spoiled for choice and thousands of possibilities, settle around you and build. So you should take a example, one of the many ruins look at. However, explored this area better only when their higher levels have climbed. As you can level up their fast, you read elsewhere.

Here you can find all the ruins on the new map. (Source: ARK)Here you can find all the ruins on the new map. (Source: ARK)

Tell you the ruins &# 8220; The Center&# 8221; not, you can also the underground explore. He has plenty of space, so you can even accommodate this entire cities.

The substrate in & quot; The Center & quot; even has its own sun.The subsoil in &# 8220; The Center&# 8221; even has its own sun. (Source: ARK)

But if you want even a more impressive setting, you should take a many Oxygen bubbles in the water look at. It includes again own biomes like Jungle etc. and offer you grass, stone, wood, fibers and Co. There are a total of two bubble in which you can live:

  • 40.89: This bubble has stone, wood and metal Co. examined her in vain here.
  • 93.60: This underwater bubble located near Skull Iceland. Can be found here metal, crystals, beads and silicon oil.
Impressive setting under water: a bubble with its own biome.Impressive setting under water: a bubble with its own biome.

Ark: &# 8220; The Center&# 8221; &# 8211; Map of all caves

In every cave finds its special difficulties that have to cope with it. Defeated creatures in the caves to survive and take you with best friends. In the Ice Caves must fight against her spiders, saber-toothed tigers and wolves. The lava caves wait Riesenboas, bats, spiders and Riesentausendfüßlern.

Here you can find all the caves on the new map & quot; Center & quot ;. The (Source: ARK)Here you can find all the caves on the new map &# 8220; The Center&# 8221 ;. (Source: ARK)

Read on us Tips for Battle Arena ARK: Survival of the Fittest and how can crafting their kibble.

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