Reset Mac: Find it

Do you want to sell your old Mac or spins the MacBook in your daily work, you should reset the Mac. With the reset to the factory settings, all personal data and settings will be deleted from Apple computers. Thats how it works.

Especially when new Mac models are in the house, the thought arises, to get a new Apple device. To get the necessary cash into your account, you can sell off the old Mac. Before that sets the Mac to factory settings. The guide works with both MacBooks and with a MacBook Air, Mac Mini or iMac. The process works without any CD or DVD, however, an Internet connection should be made.

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Reset Mac and prepare it for sale

Before all the data is deleted, you should of course back up to access the private documents, photos and more in the future. The backup can you z. B. Create on the "Time Machine Backup" or with a program like Carbon Copy Cloner. Elsewhere, you'll find detailed instructions on how to clone a hard drive to the Mac. If the backup once created, proceed as follows:

  1. Ensures that the Mac is connected to the Internet.
  2. Hold down when you start your Mac, the command and the R key.
  3. If the Apple logo appears, the keys let go.
  4. In the "macOS utilities" to choose the Disk Utility.
  5. selects examined the system disk out and "Delete".
  6. Selects the format "Mac OS Extended". Optionally, a new name can be assigned.
  7. you can choose a secure delete method on the security options. This option should be enabled to ensure conventional hard drives that the data is actually deleted. SSDs for the setting is, however, useless.
  8. Ends the disk utility with the shortcut "CMD" + "Q".
  9. In the new window is now the option is "install OS X again". Do you want to sell the Mac, the reset process is completed here.

Reset Mac: Find it

reset Mac to factory settings

The appropriate installation files to recalibrate the Macs are downloaded from the Internet. Follow the instructions on the screen. During the installation process, you can register with your Apple ID. The installation requires some patience, since OS X must first be downloaded from the App Store. Alternatively, you can switch off and leave the refurnishing the buyer of your Mac to Mac via "CMD" + "Q".

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Do you want the Mac does not sell, but rebuild because it z. B. are malfunctions have to proceed her something different, prevented by the following route, however, that all personal data is deleted:

Reset Mac: Find it

  1. Starts the recovery via "CMD" + "R" when booting the Mac.
  2. In the "macOS utilities" you can restore "Backup Time Machine" Mac of one.
  3. If a restore point is created, you bring the Mac to return to a previous point in time. So can you z. B. restore the state from a time before there were problems in the system. In addition, data can be restored, for in this way. B. were deleted unintentionally.
  4. If no recovery points are available, can you described above MacOS reinstall in order to be found a clean, new system on the Mac.

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