Tip 3: If Forumprofi create a forum – GIGA

Significantly professional ForumProfi.de acts in any case. We can choose from over 300 different layouts and opt out of 6 software solutions for. The offer is also free and funded by advertising.

forum-create-forum profitedForumprofi: Again, we can create a free forum

What are the general characteristics of our new forum has depends on which forums software we chose. In a few steps you can create its forum here. Then it goes to the numerous settings. There are plenty of themes to choose and configure a lot of prohibitions and permits.

Good is that we get a Subdomainadresse here. So again something like erwin.forumprofi.de. but there is only one domain is available, it is more likely that the name you want is already gone.


The three featured vendors free forums you will notice two things quickly: It's easy to create a forum in minutes. But then it starts with endless settings. Who can do what? What is forbidden? How do I deal with new users? You can not even just as easily create a forum and start immediately. Too big are the threats posed by spammers and trolls. You also have to constantly make sure that no laws are broken. My tip: First set everything thoroughly test and only then make known!


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