Browser Fingerprint – What is it? How to prevent? Easily explained

In terms of tracking you often hear the term browser fingerprint or browser fingerprinting. But what is a browser-fingerprint anyway? And why is it used? We show you in this guide, what the browser fingerprinting is and what he reveals about you.

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Browser fingerprints are used to identify users on the Internet and to track. About 90 percent of all users are can be identified by the browser fingerprinting. Special feature: The whole thing works without cookies.

Browser Fingerprint - What is it? How to prevent? Easily explained

To understand what is a browser-fingerprint or browser fingerprinting must, following know this, that if you open the browser web pages, in addition also still data to configure your browser to be replaced. There are two forms:

  • Passive fingerprinting: information that is automatically transmitted from the computer to the Web server.
    Example: IP address, browser used
  • Active Fingerprinting: Information that can be read by JavaScript or Flash.
    Example: Operating system information, time zone, fonts, resolution

This information can be summarized to a browser fingerprint that identifies the user. Why is that? Because most users customize their browser individually. When Firefox goes around with various plug-ins and add-ons, known as extensions for Chrome. So if your browser on the Internet is unique in its configuration with plugins and addons, it can also always be clearly assigned and recognize you as a surfer.

Website operators can then recognize the person on the internet based on their browser fingerprints and track the Internet, see What are trackers? How to turn off? Easily explained.

Browser fingerprinting to find out and show - Here&# 8217; s

On websites such as you can find out your browser fingerprinting and see if this is unique:

  1. Opens the Web
  2. Click on the button fingerprint View my browser, if you agree with the privacy policies of the Web page.
The browser used is unique with its configuration. The user can be tracked.The browser used is unique with its configuration. The user can be tracked.

After that is displayed to you whether your browser configuration is unique based on a database comparison and can be tracked so that you on the Internet. but the browser fingerprint includes not only information about the browser. By actively fingerprinting and operating system information is collected:

  • Which browser is used?
  • What browser version is used?
  • Which language setting of the browser?
  • Which operating system is used?
  • What operating system version are you using?
  • What time zone is set in the operating system?

More details to come by, you can click on the button View more details and view graphs click. There, even the screen resolution, installed browser plug-ins and fonts are displayed - and whether you use an ad blocker.

The browser-fingerprint contains information about the operating system.The browser-fingerprint contains information about the operating system.Start Photogallery(14 images)Windows History: The Evolution of Windows 1.0 to 10

prevent browser fingerprint - Here&# 8217; s

Prevent browser fingerprint can not be, but you can reduce the data that is collected about you. Because much more information is gathered about you through active fingerprinting using JavaScript and Flash, can you try to install addons that block them. For Firefox there is about the addon NoScript for Firefox. But if all the scripts of a web page are blocked, it may happen that this is not working properly and about videos not be played properly. See also: What are trackers? How to turn off? Easily explained.

NoScript for Firefox: The addon can block tracking scripts.NoScript for Firefox: The addon can block JavaScript and Flash.

However, an individualization is through the use of protective measures in the browser instead of again, which is counterproductive.

Otherwise you can try not to make unique your browser. However, you have to compromise on individualization. In our tests, but even our freshly installed Firefox in combination with the configuration of our operating system was unique.

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