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Solution for the main quest in single player (and a little more): Curse of BloodAfter the intro, the first thing to familiarize yourself with the controller. Walk forward a bit and tighten as soon as you receive the message using the F key the sword.

Then step (space bar) in front of the iron gate that opens. Now enter the next area and near there carefully the rear left area, since the first two opponents waiting in the form of Grom's on you. Lure them individually as possible out of the recess and kill the enemies in a row (you need to do because it is part of the main quest). If you have won a victory (it should be tough, just use a healing spell), should appear above your head a star. Now press the F1 key to open the Skill screen (skills) in which then a few points on different properties can be distributed (to be awarded the points you can see the top of the screen left and right) - this should equal and deliberately done (depending on what skills you want to develop your character). Then you investigate in this area all the bodies and chests (also one of the boxes can be opened) to finally go back through the iron gate through which you have also come (the second iron gate at this point is not passable). Next it goes before the great stone gate to the south, which is also open and crosses.


Use the L button can open the log, which you can see all open and completed jobs. You will also find on this screen a slightly larger overview map. When you open an order and click on the description, will usually appear on the map the point to which you must travel.

landed in front of the temple go over the steps up to meet a man named Tago, who appeals to you automatically. Go all the points by (important and 60 gold) and then say goodbye again. Now you have received two new orders and make immediately set off in the Kormorin.


If you want, you can at first a little look around and kill different enemies such as wild boars and wolves, to gain experience points. Also located further east a strange stone structure that emerges later in the teleporter.

Did you kill an enemy, it will after some time, and especially at night, brought back to life and appears as a greenish shade. Only after you have defeated them, this enemy is finally calm. To defeat these ghosts, you should enhance your weapons elementary or use magic. The stronger then those spells are to recommend the fire spell, the more pity add it to the opponents.

Note that Undead be killed with blunt objects (stick, rod, etc.) or with magic like fire spells.

Perhaps you can manage to climb another step. Anyway, then follow the road again before the temple further south. Along the way you will find a few bodies that can be searched. Furthermore, you stumble across a mana source where you can recharge mana spent. They also attacked just before the village of three Groms. If you have defeated them, browse their stock.

landed in the village you can devote the first place, the dealers to sell these your found objects. Have you then a little looking around, you're looking at a man named Malax Gonga. This sits on a bench at the dealership. Talk to the man to get a new job: you should be looking for a few people who have moved to the north, there to build a new village (Brumhill) - this is a secondary task. From Veran Korstill you can pick up another secondary task: They should get him a moon eye from Brumhill. Have you done anything, be sure to leave the village to the south. Right at the exit you will encounter Lucius Darx that appeals to you automatically. You should stop by in a horse trader named Vesit Delunra at this, the trouble with a couple of bandits has (secondary task).

Then go further south, you encounter the black hooded stranger who scolds himself Gandohar. Step up to the guy to talk to him. Learn from his master, which is located in a nearby cave and report on the kidnapped sister of the hero knows more (main quest).


All important places for better orientation on the map, marked accordingly. So check back frequently times in your logbook as well as on the card.

A piece of east meet, among others, a mage named Ferid Redismos that is addressed. This tells you the teleporters that are scattered throughout the country and presented to you on a matter which another teleporter can be activated (secondary task). Incidentally, the teleporter behind the magician is already functional. You now have to find on your trip to another teleporter and then enable this using the object (see below).

Now follow the road in the black masked further south until you finally to the horse dealer Vesit Delurma meeting (item 1). Entertain yourself with this over the bandit problem and learn from the hiding place of the culprit. Then it's on to the south,

A few more steps to the next teleporter that can be activated by simple approach (as long as you have talked to Ferid and accepted on his behalf). Then it's back to the northwest, the red dot on the map opposite, where the bandits are staying. On the way to the West, the first bandit already emerging. This takes you to a lake can be found in the middle of the next teleporter. In addition, you can see the edge of the lake a cross that refreshes the life points. North of the lake can be found then the bandit cave (see map), in which only remain three opponents. Have you eliminated this, return to the horse-dealer, which you report on your deed. They may in gratitude now take the horse, which is waiting for you after the conversation (and there is a bit of gold). You can move with or without a horse from then. With the animal it is faster, but the controls are a little different. You can also carry more objects using the horse.

Familiarize yourself on the way to the north and back to the village Kormorin. then from there follow the road to the east.


By the way, is quite far to the east (point 3) the defective teleporters from the Ferid said. Ride with the horse still with easy access times there and activate the teleporter before you are traveling through this back to the mage (the card can be moved in any direction using the mouse button pressed down). When teleporters of Kormorin landed, then talk to Ferid to get another job. You will now get two magnesite, the z. B. can be found in caves. If you return these stones, you get a mobile van.

Check from time to time on the card and ride all the way to the East in, to finally reach the village Brumhill or at least what's left of it. You should make sure that the village is besieged by many orcs that attack and shoot. So either you run a little short into the village to solve the problem and to get the moon eye crystal which is located next to the fountain in front of a house, or you can make right back from the field. In any case, you will find at the entrance right a teleporter, you should activate. Is in the village all been done or seen, it's all about the teleport back to Kormorin.

There look again at Dago, which you report. Then it goes quickly Veran, the hand over the moon eye. The man then puts in a good word with the merchant guild for you and there is some gold. The next trip takes you to the goat cave, which is located just to the east (point 4 &# 8211; Main quest).

Did you achieve the goal you notice in a small cave niche a rope that leads into the depths. Climb on that down and just take a few steps forward to meet Reist Tungard, with a little is talked. Learn more about your sister and be no real agreement. After the guy is gone, go back to the rope and climb this up. A little earlier you meet outdoors now on Gandohar with which you also talk (main quest). The man you directed some of Kira and says you should take it to a kind of node (stone circle).

So make their way to the East and control the stone circle (node) to. Did you know about this reached (point 5), you enter the center of the circle (the colors change) to summon Kira and talk to these (main quest). After a few more new products to return before the goats cave to again speak there with Gandohar (main quest). More details come to light, and then make another trip to the interior of the goat cave, there to talk once more with Reist Tungard (main quest). Now you know what needs to be done to rescue Kira: You should get a relic and prevent a subsequent ritual.

According to this new task, you leave the cave back over the rope and get further instructions from Gandohar. This tells you that the relic sought consists of five parts. The localities of two parts you know to report Gandohar. For the remaining three parts he lists a contact person named Ho. After you learn what to do next, the journey continues.


Before continuing with the main task, you can at this point for the time being perhaps solve a side quest to rise further (or to pick up this quest and to get on your trip, necessary items):

Menno Hagerard (these are on the road north of the excavations on the way to Yamalin (item 6)): This man you commissioned to seek for 1500 gold three out of four Gromlager to kill the monsters and to get a totem each and these Menno return. The bearings are marked on the map and they are home to many opponents. In the middle of each camp is located on a small hill usually the totem.

Now get on the road to Tharbakin. But before you enter the city, you should first go further south. standing in front of a cave you meet a man named Eras Brakalet that is addressed (point 9). This is a members of the Karga Clan. In order to get ahead in search of the relics, you must first join a clan (main task). Since we're here, listen to what the man has to say. They learn that the clan is with Lord Skelden in dispute and that there should be a secret entrance to Tharbakin. The idea is to open the gates from the inside. They assume the task and get a key.


It should be mentioned again that we have chosen in the solution for the Karga Clan and therefore have done everything to enhance our reputation in this clan. We also later delete from the house Skelden, which also makes a few secondary task to naught. If you do so, may choose the second playthrough, for Skelden, there are a few mild side tasks during the excavations. You can also two tasks at Stork west of Tharbakin do (point 28). This includes the Obtain a statue from the hands of bandits, the further south you will find inside the outer gate of Darrot (second left turn up). To be admitted into the cave, you need a password that you receive in a supporting role in the excavations.

Now, it goes directly to Tharbakin and through the iron gate into the interior of the city. There, among other things, the house of the Merchants' Guild is located. On the east of the city you will find eventually the dungeon can open and entered. Behind follow the tunnel transition until two more iron gates from which you can open one using the key previously obtained in order to fulfill the first part of the task. After that battle your way through the rest of the cave, which is inhabited by the undead, and eventually find an exit that is used. Again landed outdoor meet again Eras Brakalet that you tell about your success and that the cave is now free of monsters. For this fact, your reputation increases with the Karga Clan. so do the same times on the way towards the camp of the Karga Clan.

This is in the northwest of the country (see map). Have you finally reached the camp, talk to Marcas guarding the gate. If you have previously completed the job of Eras Brakalet, you will be viewed as a friend of Kargas and admitted. So open the gate and pass through the lower bearing to the west, to finally reach the upper bearing. There you talk first with Cahal Karga before it goes into the house of his father Ultar (previously still talking with the guard). Here you will receive new orders: restore confidence König Emrys and sell the house Skelden from Thalmont. In order to convince the king, evidence from Samos house must be concerned in the excavations (main quest).

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