Nvidia Shadowplay – To take on their gameplay videos

Nvidia Shadowplay is a useful program with the record their gameplay videos and you can demonstrate your superior video game skills in the world. In the following article we present the main features of Nvidia Shadowplay and show you how you used the tool.

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Video editing programs and software for recording gameplay videos, there are a few. The most famous capture tool Fraps is certainly, and there are special recording hardware, which is comparatively expensive. For some time, the graphics card manufacturer Nvidia offers another alternative Fraps named Nvidia Shadowplay. The free tool uses the built-in modern graphics cards De-Encoding and hardware to gameplay sequences recorded.

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Nvidia Shadowplay - System Requirements

Nvidia Shadowplay is part of the software GeForce Experience, with which you can configure graphics settings for games and automatically update your Nvidia graphics drivers. In addition to version 1.7 of GeForce Experience Nvidia Shadowplay requires the following system requirements:

Operating system:

  •    Windows 8, 8.1
  •    Windows 7
  •    Windows Vista (DirectX 11 required as a runtime version)
  •    Windows XP SP3 (only driver updates)


  • at least 2GB system memory


  • Intel Pentium G Series, Core 2 Duo, Quad Core i3, i5, i7 or higher
  • AMD Phenom II, Athlon II, Phenom X4, FX or higher

Graphic card:

  • at least GeForce GTX 650

Hard disk space:

  • at least 20 MB (for the program)
  • additional space is needed for capturing videos

Nvidia Shadowplay - so you use the tool

Nvidia ShadowPlay is configured via the user interface of the GeForce Experience software (see figure below).

Nvidia Shadowplay

  1. Start by visiting riders Nvidia Shadowplay and give under path to a location for your videos.
  2. Also, you can set whether the Shadow Play icon is displayed during recording. Click Settings.
  3. In the following menu you can adjust the video quality of the recording, also you have the choice whether you want to record without sound, only games sounds or game sounds with the microphone (for live comments).
Nvidia Shadowplay OptionsNvidia Shadowplay offers you many options for recording videos.

Recording modes Nvidia Shadowplay

For the recording mode Nvidia Shadowplay offers three options:

manual recording

  • How it works: Nvidia Shadowplay starts and stops recording when pressed
  • Command: Alt-F9
  • Suitable for: targeted intake of certain scenes Games


  • How it works: Nvidia Shadowplay takes the last 20 minutes
  • Command: Alt-F10
  • Suitable for: recording of random, funny, absurd scenes Games

Twitch (from Shadow Play Version 1.8.1)

  • How it works: Nvidia Shadowplay streams directly to Twitch.TV
  • Command: arbitrary, must before you sign up you with your Twitch account
  • Suitable for: Twitch live streams
  • Learn more about Twitch found here: stream with Twitch.tv: how it works
TwitchSince the last update Nvidia Shadowplay natively supports the popular streaming service Twitch.

How much memory consume the videos?

The size of the recorded video depends logically strongly on the selected quality level. Compared to the memory hogs Fraps Nvidia Shadowplay but extremely economical thanks to the regular video compression. 3 minutes gameplay consume in the highest quality level require about 1.1 GB, in the middle stage 500 MB and lowest settings only around 350 MB - which is almost 10 times less memory than when recording with Fraps!

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