When was YouTube and who are the founders?

The Californian company YouTube viewers worldwide supplied with music videos, trailers, Let&# 8217; s Plays, tutorials, cat videos, White Noise, DIY videos like those of Fynn Kliemann and more. But when was YouTube founded? Who are the YouTube founders? Read to the following guide.

When was YouTube and who are the founders?

Watch on YouTube listening to music or funny animal videos &# 8211; is something for everyone, because everyone there can upload a video in the same channel and share with the world. So many YouTube starlets like Gronkh or Bibi were born. For most, it is not confined to the portal, but there are, for example, even a Y-Titty app, you are always with using quick access to date, which publish the three guys on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc.. Since 2015, there's even a YouTube Space YouTube thanks to Germany. But as the company has become one of the most popular Internet phenomena which, according to research firm Jefferies (Source: variety.com) is now 26 to 40 billion US dollars worth?

What is YouTube?

Tips in the home can be found in the popular online video site as well as make-up tutorials, cooking videos, satire, reviews and vlogs. But what exactly YouTube and when it went online?

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  • YouTube is a video sharing Web site YouTube, LLC. The videos can be viewed in a web browser online.
  • In our own YouTube channel, the personal user area, playlists can be created and free videos are uploaded. Even without YouTube account most of the content can be watched for free. Here YouTube frequently switched advertising before the video.
  • Of course, there are now also apps for Android or iOS devices.

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When was YouTube founded?

  • YouTube was 2005 founded and the platform went online in February of the same year.
  • Since 2013 there are also paid channels. Users can, for example, for 99 cents per episode subscribe.
  • The same company (Sequoia Capital), which already helped Google to start in financing, paid in November 2005, 3.5 million US dollars to YouTube. In April 2006, again flowed 8,000,000 US dollars to the video portal.
  • Find out more, read our article Youtube Networks: What it is and how they work ?.
youtube-videos-CopyCompanies also have a presence on YouTube with promo videos or news channels.

YouTube Founder: Who is behind the video portal?

YouTube was founded by three former PayPal employees in life. Among the YouTube founders:

  • Chat Hurley
  • Jawed Karim
  • Steve Chen

The first video was &# 8220; Me at the zoo&# 8221; and comes from Jawed Karim, the son of a German biochemist. And indeed Jawed is a German citizen, who now but has lived in the United States.

YouTube RedThe YouTube paid Red is so far only in the US. So that the video can without advertising and also offline viewing.
  • 2006, YouTube was sold for 1.65 billion US dollars of Google Inc..

If you're wondering now, &# 8220; when was founded Google?&# 8221 ;, we can tell you that the search engine has been around almost 9 years longer than YouTube. The search engine is under the brandname Google online since 27 September 1998th Before she saw 1996 as BackRub the light of the Internet world.

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