Apple Keyboard: Display keys possible in the future

Apple provides in the future a new Mac keyboard with built-in mini displays from? After all, a patent for the Californian has now been revealed. So very fresh but the idea is not. As once the Sputnik the Russians were already there.

Apple Keyboard: Display keys possible in the future

The patent describes the structure of the keyboard by means of special grope. These are partially transparent and function like small screens - can therefore be freely assigned with pictograms, symbols and characters. Depending on the application, these are then tailored to the user. Also conceivable: the preparation of corresponding countries layouts. Apple would need, therefore, to produce in the future only a single Keyboard Model for Macs. QWERTZ, QWERTY, AZERTY etc. would simply represented by software.

patent_tasteThe construction of such a key, according to specification.

Apple Keyboard: lighting, gesture control and haptic feedback

The transparent design, it would also be possible to use the keyboard to light. Interestingly, Apple intends keys also function as a Single- or multi-touch displays bestowed to leave. This opens the way for gesture control. On top of that possible: A special, haptic feedback. Users could during the press buttons thus feel either a slight resistance or vibration.

The display technology allows Apple in the patent might still be outstanding: OLED, LED, LCD, Plasma, or even e-ink - everything is possible.

At this stage it is not clear, of course, if Apple will actually implement plans for such a keyboard in the near future. Often serve patents simply just as a legal safeguard against the competition. Speaking: So very new, the idea of ​​such a keyboard is not. Actually could, and you can buy them already.

optimus_maximusThe model from Russia: Optimus Maximus from the year of 2007.Start Photogallery(11 images)11 "current vintage" Apple: Everything $ # * old?

The model from Russia: Optimus Maximus

Already in 2007 attracted the Russian Art.Lebedev Studio Stir with his Optimus Maximus Keyboard. Based on a study from 2005, the keyboard was composed delivered from dozens of small OLED screens in small quantities. The biggest shortcoming: The exorbitantly high, four-figure price. Even the smaller successor with LCD keys (Optimus Popularis) Is currently converted still costs about 1,000 euros. Even a small fortune for Apple ratios. On gesture control and a special finger-feedback but you have to give these keyboards.

optimus_popularisto get Present: The Optimus Popularis.

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