What is a router: IP, DNS, Gateway – Definitions

Why do you use a router, which probably knows Everyone: It connects it to the Internet. But what is behind the plastic box there dangling from the telephone jack and what are actually the IP, gateway and DNS in connection with the router? In what a router is we clarify the most common questions and terms.

What is a router: IP, DNS, Gateway - Definitions

Routers are used to direct the traffic, ensure optimal network utilization and provide wired and wireless optimal routes for the transfer of data packets. The router can connect so differently structured networks (for example, LAN and Internet) with each other. Routers operate on the third layer of the OSI model.

What is the OSI model
Open Systems Interconnection Model referred to the reference model for networking protocols, issued in a layered architecture consisting of 7 layers. The purpose of the model is to allow communication of different technical systems with each other and so to foster the further development.All layers have clearly defined areas of responsibility. So the third layer, for example, is responsible for the mediation and is a transport-oriented classifications, while the sixth layer ensures the presentation and application-oriented is.

Router and IPs

A router at least two IP addresses (Internet Protocol) allocated; which is assigned by the provider a public, and a local featuring a PC on the network. This address makes objects on the network addressable and therefore accessible. An IP can be assigned to multiple computers or groups, just as multiple IPs may be associated with a single computer.

based on the address, the direction in which data packets are to be transported on the router decides. Within a network, the router is not required, but rather, if an IP address is required which is outside of the network (for example, when accessing a website)

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Routers and DNS

Since you but usually does not know the IP address of the desired website, the domain name system (DNS) must be found. The main task of this service answers requests for name resolution in IP-based network. That is, the DNS converts your request (for example, GIGA.de) into an IP address to which is assigned the associated domain.

Router and gateway

The gateway connects computer networks that may belong to completely different network protocols (for example, text messages to e-mail, e-mail to fax, etc.). But Internet protocols are linked to each other via the gateway.

The router replaces nowadays largely the gateway, which at the beginning of the IP distribution more often differently constructed networks had to connect. Since gateways mostly belonging to subnet network requests today refer to other subnets, they are often equated with routers. This works not retroactive: Routers are not gateways.


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