Asus QM1: HDMI mini PC with Windows 10 & amp; Intel Atom x5 surfaced

With the Asus QM1-C006, the Taiwanese company has been quietly released an updated version of the recently released HDMI mini PCs with new Intel Atom x5 in Germany on the market. The HDMI Stick PC with Windows 10 is listed in the first dealers at a price of 179 €. He is one of the latest models with the latest hardware.% 7B% 22button_type% 22% 3A% 22text% 22% 2C% 22button_sub_type% 22% 3A% 22% 22% 2C% 22error% 22% 3A% 22% 22% 2C% 22link% 22% 3A% 22http% 3A% 5C % 2F% 5C% 5C% 2Fgo% 5C% 22% 2C 2F34s62%%% 22% 22nofollow 3Afalse% 2C% 22icon_before_text% 22% 3A% 22% 22% 2C 22% 22text%% 3A% 22Asus + QM1-C006 + HDMI mini PC + with + Windows + 10 + purchase% 22% 2C% 22tracking_type% 22% 3A% 22Textbutton% 22% 2C% 22tracking_html_code% 22% 3A% 22onclick% 3D% 5C% 22require% 28 % 5B% 27module% 5C% 2Ftracking% 27% 5D% 2C + function% 28tracking% 29 +% 7B + tracking.trackEvent% 28% 7Bcategory% 3A +% 27Transaction + button + sidebar + text button% 27% 2C + action% 3A + GIGA_AREA% 2C + optional label% 3A + POST_META.TYPE% 7D% 29% 3B +% 7D% 29% 3B% 5C% 22 + data-gtm% 3D% 5C% 22_trackEvent% 5C% 22 + data-gtm category% 3D% 5C% 22Transaction + button + sidebar + text button% 5C% 22 + data-gtm action% 3D% 5C% 22android% 5C% 22 + data-gtm label% 3D% 5C% 22general-article% 5C% 22 + data- gtm value% 3D% 5C% 22% 5C% 22 + data-gtm non-interaction% 3D% 5C% 22true% 5C% 22% 22% 2C 22% 22sponsored%%% 3Atrue 7D

Asus QM1: HDMI mini PC with Windows 10 & amp; Intel Atom x5 surfaced

Asus QM1 with Windows 10 and Intel Atom x5

After the first manufacturer to have Windows equipped x5 and x7 processor of the latest generation 10 tablets with new Intel Atom, now follow the HDMI Stick PCs. This will give the small Windows 10 PCs boost performance and are designed to provide even better performance. Thus, the new Stick PC from Asus comes with the Intel Atom x5-Z8300 processor. This continue to 2GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal memory. This time is pre-installed directly Windows 10. The contaminated when upgrading from Windows 8.1 is not properly covered and you get from the start, a clean system. Stick the PC via HDMI with any monitor or TV is connected. Power is supplied via micro-USB port.

ASUS QM1-C006_1

Although a micro-USB port is busy, is a full USB port available to connect other components. Because, of course, an external hard drive makes sense to expand the memory. This is optional but also via microSD card. Windows 10 features in the latest version now the possibility to take programs from the Windows Store to external storage media. Accordingly, the low internal memory is not a big problem.

A mini PC stick with HDMI connection can of course be taken anywhere and used. You only need a monitor and can then work with it there. There is a full Windows 10 in action, therefore there are no restrictions on the programs. Via Bluetooth or USB, external input devices can be connected. Meanwhile, there are also apps to use a smartphone as a mouse or keyboard. The possibilities are endless.

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