World of Warships: New York Guide -So manages its heavy battleship

In World of Warships is the New York not only a city or a state of the American nation, but also the name of a particularly effective battleship class of the US Navy. We show you how to optimally handle the massive battleship in Wargamings sea battles.

62158World Of WarshipsThe US Navy already relied on heavily armored battleships to withstand a lot but very slowly bob up by the oceans since the USS South Carolina. The USS New York is this in every way, because deises ship but certainly will not win any sailing regatta, for each firing test!

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The New York at a glance

  • Battleship
  • Tier V - US Navy
  • 49,100
primary artillery
  • 5&# 215; 2356 mm turrets
  • 15.6 km range
  • 60.0 seconds for 180 ° rotation
  • Max Schaden HE: 4,900
  • Max Schaden PB: 10,000
  • 1.8 rounds per minute
Secondary artillery
  • 6x 120 mm cannon
  • 4.0 km range
  • No
antiaircraft gun
  • 8x 20mm Flak
  • 6&# 215; 2 40 mm Flak
  • 10x 76.2 mm Flak
  • 21.4 knots Maximum
  • 600m turning circle
  • 16.3 seconds rudder actuating time
  • 16.0 km visibility range
  • 10.4 km air recognizability

World of Warships: New York Guide - Weapons Star Render cancer!

The New York is a very thick, stumpiges warship, which certainly does not establish speed records but very, very much endures. This is due to the thick armor plating of the so-called "Super Dreadnought", also have the correct angle PB ammunition bounce effect.

worldofwarships 2015-07-08 16-27-11-053Leisurely the USS New York evaporated toward the front. Since she feels most at home!

Of such prepared the New York can measure the artillery duel and emerge as a winner from any other ship. For their five double turrets with a caliber of 356 mm hand out very well and make better than their predecessors ships USS Wyoming and USS South Carolina.

Range, Schmeichweite!

The limited range of just 15 kilometers can you with the appropriate upgrade after all, to 17 km increase. So you are your main enemy, the deadly Japanese animal-V battlecruiser Kongo, still inferior to almost five kilometers.

worldofwarships 2015-07-08 16-24-52-588With the right upgrades you pimped the very modest range for a bit.

But you can endure long enough for her to be slowly evaporated within reach of the devastating attack of the enemy. And unlike light armored battle cruisers you can put away the damage.

World of Warships: New York Guide - Wait for me!

The New York features into battle, because only there they can use their short range and their heavy armor optimal. But until she has arrived times, it takes a small eternity. Because the heavy battleship accelerated very slowly and with almost 20 knots at any school of fish is faster.

worldofwarships 2015-07-08 16-35-05-959Even pilots not itch New York.

But the very compact built ship, it is almost a third shorter than a Myogi class battle cruiser, has a very short time position control and a very tight turning circle. Therefore, you can avoid with a little skill deadly torpedo volleys. And your good Flak is the terror of all pilots.

New York Tips

  • Plunges you into the fray because you belong there!
  • The heavy armor makes you the ideal tank!
  • Your guns are very strong, but you have only five towers and a very short range, so it ran close.
  • Your secondary weapons are very weak, so keep you from close combat with the Japanese secondary monsters like the Congo or Myogi out.
  • Use your good maneuverability against bombers and destroyers.

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