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After 8 years, the Parkour-based action adventure Mirror gets&# 8217; s Edge finally a successor. We have last weekend for you four hours Mirror&# 8217; s Edge Catalyst played in the Closed Beta and give you today a view of all important innovations and the quality of the gaming experience.

What's Mirror&# 8217; s Edge and what is new?

For those who are no longer on the first Mirror&8217; remind s Edge, again coming here is a quick refresher: The dystopian-themed game that was developed by EA DICE, turned to the messenger Faith, who escaped the clutches of the police, and then had to explain to a politician, a murder, falsely took her and her sister arrested in the crosshairs. The title was first published in 2008 and came - also because of its fast and fresh parkour gameplay - quite well with players and press on.

Mirror Edge Catalyst 2016-04-22 22-55-54-52The second part of Mirror&# 8217; s Edge's Catalyst and appears in June 2016th

As of June 09, the successor to the additional title of "Catalyst" is now at last. And makes - as usual for successors - some things new:

Mirror&# 8217; s Edge Catalyst moved the game from a linear experience to an open world, distributed many collectibles on their card adds some multiplayer components to, updates the groundbreaking Runner vision allows a protective focus shield that is charges, the longer we run.

Thus, the Runner Vision works in mirror&# 039; s Edge Catalyst

How well this works in detail, we clarify the same. Before, I would like to talk to you about the basics.

Mirror Edge Catalyst 2016-04-22 22-29-16-97Who the first part of Mirror&# 8217; s Edge does not know, is not first understand here is what is meant.Start Photogallery(11 images)The most disturbing dystopias in video games

The Basics: Story and Gameplay

With a title we Mirror&# 8217; s Edge Catalyst are two things in focus, which are particularly important: A good story and excellent gameplay. Fortunately, I can tell you that both are included in its basic form:

The history of this part seems to be just as exciting again like its predecessor, because the Beta hinted that we will finally find out what really happened to Faith's parents. While fans will be happy about this, it might be difficult for newcomers to get started. Which are namely not understand exactly what is at stake when Faith and her companions Noah and Icarus entertained. And who is at all these Dogan, the Faith owe anything? Who the original Mirror&# 8217; s Edge does not know, something might feel lost. How then well explained Catalyst this story shreds in the main game, you have to see.

No previous knowledge is needed for the gameplay of Mirror&# 8217; s Edge Catalyst, which remains as usual pleasantly unique with its mix of Parkour, missions and tasks on time and correct a lot of fun. A good help is there more recently the geupdatete Runner Vision, which indicates if desired as before, only the red elements that can be jumped on, or a possible way via red line or even indicating silhouette. This helps immensely for orientation in the still-cold dystopian world and is in its gradation almost a little like hiring a difficulty.

Mirror Edge Catalyst 2016-04-22 22-40-32-03The Runner vision was updated in Catalyst. In addition to the red obstacles you see this time on request, a pioneering line or a climbing silhouette.

Which is not too difficult and reflected more commonly it again that in some missions you demanded of the game on time to find a faster way that does not appear to you by Runner vision. Otherwise, the biggest challenge is it to pull completely at the start first control. Which is partially namely extremely accurate, which means that Faith happy times next jumps when the camera does not look exactly to the driven element. Initially, the animal is annoying, especially because you have to wait for the loading screen every time. By the time you get the hang of it, and then it's a liberating feeling of rushing at high speed through the world of Catalyst.

Unfortunately, this good impression is marred again by some things. For example, if Catalyst simply is no feedback for certain actions: WHEN the silhouette appears in the Runner vision and why it seems random? WHERE is my goal and why it does not show me the time? Why do I unlock movements for Faith, which they then not used, although I trigger them? Why do I get at the start of a mission in which I can not break a container, no indication, by the actions of the containers break? Of course, we must note that I played a beta version of Catalyst, and this may have here to bugs or missing features. Yet here EA must necessarily make improvements until the release of the game.

Mirror Edge Catalyst 2016-04-23 10-47-33-98The combat system of Mirror&# 8217; s Edge is relatively slow and feels more like fencing than after fighting on.

An important part of the gameplay is of course again the combat system, which has left me completely ambivalent: Somehow, the fighting does not feel intuitively through its maneuvers. What can be different at the same time difficult, but also refreshing. What Mirror&# 8217; s Edge Catalyst is doing is not a real fight, but elaborated fencing which is related to its slow speed in complete contrast to the fast race. Whether that is good over long distances or at least to very torn from the flow, I can not tell you now, of course.

Here you will find strategies against opponents of Catalyst

Speaking of "break out of the flow": The new Focus Shield helps to deny fights clever without being hit by bullets or attacks. Faith runs on long duration, then loads it up and defend enemy attacks from a short time.

The new features: Open World and Multiplayer

A rock-solid, fun backbone which is different in the core actually not really far from the first part to come up with Catalyst still some changes added. They're all very good at their actual idea to stay in the implementation currently still far behind their potential.

Mirror's Edge™ Catalyst Closed Beta_20160424172054Mirror&# 8217; s Edge Catalyst is this time in an open world. On the accompanying map, we see missions Runner packs, Time Trials, other players, and more.

One of the biggest changes is the open world of Catalyst. Yes, it's fun to move with Faith than one card from mission to mission. Really annoying but it is when the predominantly white, cold style of play makes it difficult to orient themselves. Thus, there is nowhere proper evidence or landmark buildings, which serve as anchors. Of course, the Runner vision or card help, but even there is the design part of the way: The map rotates continuously at Faith with and consists - similar to the style of the city - almost entirely of white houses silhouettes that a clear identifiability on lack the mission symbols. Do not get me wrong, I find that the style totally to Mirror&# 8217; s Edge fits. It can be just not really translate well into an open world - remains to be interchangeable and provided only in the main story missions unique setpieces - at least in the areas of the Beta.

These boroughs are at Mirror&# 039; s Edge Catalyst

Otherwise, so naturally brings an open world with all the usual stuff that belongs to the genre: Lots of collecting stuff that unlocks for example, other colors for the Runner Vision, and some side missions. Among them is her Dashes, Time Trials and deliveries - all tasks on time, where you either finish a task for experience or you can beat the best times of other players.

The experience points you need for the new level system. Because Faith has this time not all the moves and abilities from the start it, but should they learn with time. This is useful to get used to little by little to the wide repertoire of Faith. Only it sucks that the unlocked skills do not include proper training - as opposed to very good tutorial that we have passed the very beginning of time. When leveling system and above all the question arises as to why not all skills - as well as some under the menu item "Gear" - can unlocked throughout history automatically. to invest handles moving, feels strange and in many cases is a worse choice but to opt for more health points. Besides, you are at best time-hunting, where the raising of the feet could ever make an extra second.

Mirror's Edge™ Catalyst Closed Beta_20160424164610In the new level system, we turn movement options, better fighting skills and various accessories to navigate the open world free.

At the present time, a multiplayer component in a single-player game may no longer missing. And so also sets Mirror&, S Edge Catalyst it to connect its players - unfortunately far more weakly than useful; #. 8217 I can see my friends on the callable card serves no real purpose, and climbing and chopping of the billboards feels little success prone to when my friends hack the same billboard right back and provided with their own logo - this only leads to a busy back and forth, resulting few experience points and lost nerves in one.

Contrary to this, the Trials user-generated're a really smart idea - IF they were functioning properly or have a purpose. A separate trial, so a parkour with stopovers, I can in fact only invest if there NO user has placed in close proximity to one. What about after three days beta nowhere &# 8211; and is certainly not better after release. EA must here necessarily runterschrauben, how many trials in their own game displays, or introduce at best a useful selection of user-generated content, otherwise the card fills up quickly with hundreds of flags.

The problems: bugs and framerate

Hach, the tiresome little problems. Them had the beta of Mirror&# 8217; s Edge Catalyst so few, and not only at the level of design and partly spongy texture of the NPC faces, but also in the art. While the frame rate my PS4 version already partially degenerated almost into a slide show, the PC version of my colleague Vicky had to contend with even bigger problems:

Mirror Edge Catalyst 2016-04-22 23-09-48-06In the PC Beta some NPCs were rather in the air instead of on the roof.

There, the loading screen remained regularly hang out there loaded textures not right and NPCs were partly in the air instead of on the roofs. After about an hour, in addition, the card could no longer call, and Runner Vision switched off completely.

The system requirements of Mirror&# 039; s Edge Catalyst

Every now and then the beta just did not want to work properly: In my PS4 version does not even appeared in a mission the right button, I needed to turn off a destructive fan and prevent them from tear me&# 8230; - by which the mission was unplayable for me.

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My preview conclusion to Mirror&# 8217; s Edge Catalyst:

According to my 4 hours of closed beta Mirror&# 8217; s Edge Catalyst I realized how necessary the postponement of the title of May is really on June. No question: The idea and the skeleton are, just like at the first part, fully present and completely entertaining. The many technical errors and design pitfalls, the Catalyst still has with its new features at this time, but urgently need to be up to the release of the game improved in order to provide an experience that meets a sequel.

When exactly, so a sequel to Mirror&# 8217; s Edge in 2008, Catalyst is a great game, especially for fans. On Newcomers waiting perhaps a difficult start, but after a fresh game concept that has been imitated so right in the last 8 years by any other title. Enough space for Mirror&# 8217; s Edge Catalyst with his alternative game concept thus quite present. That the game can therefore be an exceptional title, EA has to prove in June but first.

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