€ 15 for 5 GB of LTE – how good is the new smart mobile offer?

smart mobile has changed its rates again. The best offer now includes 5GB of LTE with up to 225 Mbit / s * next to the Allnet- and SMS Flat. How does the new offering in direct comparison with other low-fares suggests?

€ 15 for 5 GB of LTE - how good is the new smart mobile offer?Source: iStock / AntonioGuillem

With cheap mobile phone tariffs and prominent advertising figures as Heino and Poldi, the Drillisch brand has made smart mobile over time a name. Most recently ratcheted up by actions on Amazon and in summer Special data volume tidy - now has smart mobile again a new tariff structure *to get. Although now back less LTE is on offer, the offer is transparent and overall become even better, even compared with other Drillisch brands.

smart mobile LTE Pro: Rate overview

  • 5 GB LTE with up to 225 Mbit / s
  • Allnet- and SMS-Flat
  • EU Roaming: 1 GB Extra
  • Net: Telefónica
  • Costs: 14,99 EUR per month plus 29.99 euros one-time connection fee
  • Minimum contract period: 24 months

Samrtmobil fare OverviewAmenitiesPicture-August-2017

here goes&# 039; s for the provision of smart mobile*

Although the data control can still not be disabled, but for no further price increase will take place from the 13th month. Later, it becomes even more juicy though: From the 25th month, the fee to 29.99 euros per month doubled. Announces therefore timely definitely *€ 15 for 5 GB of LTE - how good is the new smart mobile offer?, So that your contract is not renewed automatically for another 12 months later than three months before maturity.

15 € AC bonus number portability

If you mitnehmt when switching to smart mobile your phone number, waving 15 euros bonus. As the number portability works smoothly, learn it in this video:
7341How can I take my phone number?

here goes&# 039; s for the provision of smart mobile*

smart mobile compared with PremiumSIM and Co

While tariffs with 5 GB of LTE were formerly eligible for "permanent Surfer", the amount of data volume is now more in midfield. And this was in the cheap segment so far from the mark PremiumSIM ruled that provides 4 GB LTE for 12.99 euros per month - but with only 50 Mbit / s, this month's notice. The new range of smart mobile - 5 GB of LTE at a speed of up to 225 Mbit / s for only 2 euros more - is certainly interesting for many.

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Who instead of 5 GB LTE rather required equal to 15 GB LTE with up to 225 Mbit / s, should the monthly cancellable promotion fare from simply look at. The data automatic is deactivated and the price is unbeatable 24.99 euros per month. Another option for 29.99 euros per month, the O2-free 15 Birthday fare would be. After consumption of 15 GB her surfing with CO2 free after all, still relaxed with 1 Mbit / s on.

An alternative with 5GB LTE is the Flat-L-tariff of Disco Plus* But only up to 50 Mbit / s and for 16.99 euros per month. However, here the data automatic is deactivated, the connection fee is only 4.99 euro, there are 35 euros change bonus and two free months. Overall, the rate compared to smart mobile LTE Pro is even a little cheaper with it, but the LTE just slower.

What is data automatic?

The data automatic at smart mobile can not be disabled because it is a "fixed tariff component". Like the Datenautomik works, you explained this video:

7863What is data automatic?

Rate Comparison - the best calling plan at a glance

EU Roaming at smart mobile and other Drillisch brands

As with simply, PremiumSIM and other Drillisch brands, its your Allnet- and SMS-Flat can not at smart mobile also in other EU countries use the LTE data volume, however. for surfing the vacation you have 1 GB up to 21.6 Mbit / s is available, which can be increased if necessary by another GB for 12.99 euros ( "Data Reset").


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