install touch Siri on iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPod: Instructions

Apple's intelligent assistant Siri can be for some time on older iOS devices install a jailbreak of course provided. Until recently porting Siri, however, was relatively complex and not always blessed with success. In follow that tutorial we will show the currently fastest and easiest way Siri on iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod touch 3 and iPod touch 4 to install.

install touch Siri on iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPod: Instructions19123Install Siri on iPhone 3GS / 4

Short introduction:

To let Siri communicate on an older iOS device with the Apple servers, we need roughly an enrollment of an iPhone 4S. IPhone 4S has a uniquen or unique access key to the Siri servers. Without this key, there is no data exchange with the Siri servers. So if you want an older iOS device with a functioning Siri Assistant to upgrade, you need a key from an iPhone 4S.

His personal iPhone 4S Access Key should not provide freely accessible on the Web, because the risk that Apple locks the keys when above-average number of hits to be recognized. Consequently, Siri could then no longer function on the particular iPhone 4S. So far there are no reports according to which Apple has a key disabled.

Dividing his iPhone 4S keys with a trusted person, there should be no problems. Note, however, that if the Siri-key is used on two devices, they can not start queries at once.

It should also be mentioned that each enrollment key has an expiration date of more than one day. The key is expired, you can simply send the particular iPhone 4S a new per AssistantConnect4S.

The execution of instructions at your own risk!


  • Access to a gejailbreakten iPhone 4S
  • Gejailbreaktes iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4 or iPod touch gejailbreakter 3 or iPod touch 4
  • Internet connection
  • Mail account on the respective devices
  • 10 minutes time

Instructions iPhone 4S:

  1. We open Cydia on the iPhone 4S gejailbreakten
  2. To install &# 8220;AssistantConnect4S&# 8221;
  3. After installing AssistantConnect4S we open it, and then start the new iPhone 4S
  4. After the restart we open AssistantConnect4S again and activate Siri, asking, for example, according to the weather
  5. We tap directly on &# 8220;Email Siri Data&# 8221; and send the email along with attachments to the particular device that is to be retrofitted with Siri
  6. We close AssistantConnect4S.

Instructions iPhone 3GS / iPhone 4 / iPod touch 3 / iPod touch 4:

  1. We open Cydia and install &# 8220;Assistant Connect&# 8221; (NOT &# 8220; AssistantConnect4S&# 8221;)
    normally &# 8220;Spire&# 8221; automatically installed. If this is not the case Spire install.
  2. We open the Mail app, search the email &# 8220; New Assistant Connection File.&# 8221; which we have previously sent to us via the iPhone 4S,
    Assistant Connect Notes
  3. click on the usually almost 0.9 KB large attachment and open it with Assistant Connect
  4. Assistant Connect should now look like this display a pop-up: &# 8220;File Copied &# 8211; Assistant Connect File Loaded succesfully&# 8220;
  5. We open settings > General > Siri and activate Siri
  6. Now we switch to settings > Spire and contribute to the field &# 8220; ProxyHost&# 8221; on
  7. We start Siri where we long press the home button. The first search may take a few seconds. After that Siri should work largely without problems.
  8. Have fun!

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