iTunes Match announce how it works!

iTunes Match runs for one year and automatically renewed for another 12 months, if the user does not terminate. The termination can you lead the way at any time. That is how it goes:

iTunes Match, such termination is's!

Beginners may ask themselves: What is iTunes Match, anyway? It is a the download or streaming music service from Apple. we show what is worth knowing evident in a video: What is iTunes Match.

To 24 hours before the automatic subscription renewal can you announce iTunes Match. Otherwise, the service extended by one year and Apple booked from 24,99 Euro. Very fair: Apple sends the user a few days before extending an email with a hint. Thus, everyone has the opportunity to cancel in time. Who does not want to use the synchronization service for music, but can also immediately terminate match after activation iTunes.

The iTunes Match subscription you quit here:

  • Go to iTunes for Mac or Windows in the iTunes Store, sign in and select Account.
iTunes Match announce how it works!
  • Click under the heading "iTunes in the Cloud" "Disable automatic extension" button on.
iTunes Match announce how it works!
  • iTunes now indicates that the subscription expires.

iTunes Match announce how it works!

If you cancel the service, you should in the last days of your subscriptions consider: Do I want to with the iTunes Match quality still raise or some songs the remove copy protection?!

With iOS 7 iTunes Match gets (hopefully) add an additional benefit: Apple hereby introduces iTunes Radio. Customers of iTunes Match can use the "online music channel" which compiles based on self-defined genres of music or songs, the program personally use ad-free. However, the offer currently only in the US is available. When it comes to Germany, is not yet known.

Further information:

  • enable iTunes Match, goes like this&# 8217; s
  • iTunes Match page in iTunes


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