World of Warships: Myoko Guide – The heavy cruiser fantastic Japanese!

In World of Warships is the Myoko the first regular heavy cruisers of the Japanese Navy. That you provide to the oversized Kreuzer also neat for unrest in Wargamings naval battles, we have collected all kinds of strategies and tactics to Myoko here.

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The Myoko is as heavy cruiser unequal tougher than their predecessors light, so they do not have to hide from attack. but it can anyway, because the heavy ship is amazing footed on the ocean road.

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The Myoko at a glance

  • cruiser
  • animal VII &# 8211; Japan
  • 39,200
primary artillery
  • 5&# 215; 2 203 mm turrets
  • 16.1 km range
  • 45.0 seconds for 180 ° rotation
  • Max Schaden HE: 3,300
  • Max Schaden PB: 4,700
  • 5.0 rounds per minute
Secondary artillery
  • 4&# 215; 2127 mm guns
  • 4.5 km range
  • 4&# 215; 3610 mm torpedoes
  • 10.0 km range
antiaircraft gun
  • 4&# 215; 2127 mm Flak
  • 26x 25 mm Flak
  • 8th&# 215; 2 25 mm Flak
  • 4&# 215; 3 25 mm Flak
  • 1 products squadron
  • 1 squadron aircraft, depending
  • 3 units hangar capacity
  • 1 hunter
  • 35.6 knots Maximum
  • 780 m turning circle
  • 9.3 seconds rudder actuating time
  • 13.1 km visibility range
  • 8.2 km Air recognizability

World of Warships: Myoko Guide - Heavy Cruiser Ahoy!

As the heavy cruiser Myoko conceals well, because it plays more like a very agile battle cruisers than like an ordinary cruisers. This means that it brings very good artillery, good armor and a decent speed into battle.

worldofwarships 2015-07-31 19-04-16-572The Myoko has hardly any disadvantages.

So that you can take every conceivable role on the battlefield basically. In the pack to take the flanks? No problem? ride as a substitute battleship with the big boys? Aye Aye, Cap'n! Torpedo attacks on thick vessels run? That's okay!

The terror of all carriers

Particularly well suited the lightning quick Myoko, she brings over 35 knots at the speedometer, to break the enemy's line of battle! Because they can withstand enough and can each light unit to shoot their way into pieces and decimate their torpedoes.

worldofwarships 2015-07-31 19-05-55-591The Myoko is fast and tough enough to break through the line of the enemy.

Then, when you're behind the enemy lines, you think for aircraft and its support ship out. If you have then found the aircraft carrier, you shoot him in no time with HE ammunition on fire and so prevents it launches new pilot. And when did you approach ten kilometers and you make the pot with torpedoes finished off.

World of Warships: Myoko Guide - Flak and torpedoes

Your Flak has no long range, but the firing rate of more than 30 25-mm cannons, means for every pilot who comes near you is eating a lot of lead. And since you with the Myoko, especially after a rowing upgrade, still can turn quite quickly, should you airstrikes have escaped pretty well.

worldofwarships 2015-07-31 19-16-19-498The powerful cannons are not the only deadly weapon of Myoko.

The situation is similar with your torpedoes. For the Myoko is quite compact and therefore poorly visible. Therefore, you come right up close to the enemy and so on can ten kilometers devastating torpedo attacks with your four torpedo launchers, two each broadside run.

Myoko tips

  • You are a great all-around boat, find yourselves a combat role and change them back if need be.
  • Your Flak is fatal only at close range, consider this!
  • You have five towers and a good rate of fire.
  • Trying if possible to break through the enemy line and sink aircraft carriers in the hinterland.

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