Sony Xperia Z2: The most common problems and solutions

Sony Xperia Z2 Problem 3: Wi-Fi connection does not connect or cancels

It is not unusual that occur with release of a smartphone connection problems. It is increasingly reported that the Z2 does not connect to a Wi-Fi network or that the connection is not stable.

Solution: To resolve network problems with the Xperia Z2, you can take the following steps:

  1. Ensures that the problem is not on Wi-Fi network
  2. Turns your Z2 and your router for a few seconds and restarts. Your also can perform a soft reset by her up the power button and volume while pressed hold until the Xperia vibrates three times
  3. Climb to the settings > Fi and tap on the three dots at the bottom right to go into the advanced settings. Selects here now leave it on standby mode WLAN
  4. Your also can try to disable the power-saving modes to generate a stable connection
  5. Bring your Z2 and the router to the latest version: Updates the firmware of the two devices
  6. Take up the IP manually.
    1. Make your way for it in the wireless settings on your Xperia Z2 and the desired network keep longer, until their Network Config. to change can select
    2. enabled Show Advanced Options
    3. now selects the IP Settings Static and stores
xperia z2 charging cableSony Xperia Z2: Uses prefer the included charging cable, to avoid problems when charging

Sony Xperia Z2 Problem 4: Slow charging speed

There are complaints that the Z2 takes extremely long to load, or that it partially did not charge. Of course, there can be various reasons for this, a universal problem, however, seems to be not.

Solution: If the battery of the Z2 once completely empty, the unit must be at least half an hour a network before you can turn it on again. Even foreign chargers or cables can cause problems. Tried once to load the smartphone through the USB cable to the PC.


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