How do I get Open Office to the iPad?

One equals advance: There is no Open Office app for the iPad! It is not so that you could start a download OpenOffice in order to work on the Apple tablet. However, there are of course still solutions that you can use the various parts of OpenOffice to work on the iPad. We explain the necessary steps.

Indeed, there is an app for OpenOffice, but can no longer show as OpenOffice documents. And in the free version, it is not even ad-free. The ad-free version costs 2.69 euros. But you get the app store almost and Office packages, among others can open OpenOffice and edit files. But the users of OpenOffice want free on the iPad software, so we have to make do with a little trick.

OpenOffice as a web app on the iPad

Besides the usual apps, there are the so-called Web Apps. These are Internet sites that have been programmed so that they work in a browser as a web page.

to bring OpenOffice in the iPad, the website wrote on the flag. Among many other applications have succeeded there to implement the complete OpenOffice package so that it is available in the browser. For this to work on the iPad, but a few basic requirements are necessary.

OpenOffice iPad web app screenshotUsing the web app rollApp we get OpenOffice also on iPad

And besides, the implementation is not entirely without problems. For in the website is an English-speaking providers and so it happens that, for example, the keyboard on the iPad in programs such as OpenOffice Writer displays no umlauts. Also inconvenient is the fact that the keyboard often covers the area in which we want to actually write.

In order to load and save files, we need to open an account rollApp. However, this can as easily via a Google or Facebook login. And then we have this account with an online storage such as Google Docs or Dropbox.

And at this point it is really absurd, because it is an Open Office document can be opened directly in Google Docs. And there is even a real free app that we can do it all.


To use the web app online, so is generally a nice idea, but not really professional portable. Since there is no native iPad app for OpenOffice, you should either use an alternative that also fulfills this function or on the go using online services such as Google Docs.


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