Clash of Clans: build village, defend, delete or buy

Clash of Clans has captured the hearts of the strategy-building players by storm and continues to enjoy increasing popularity. The construction of the village in Clash of Clans is a crucial factor if one wants to be the best. Who is dissatisfied with his arrangement might want to delete his village and build a new or buy a tactically built village. We have information collected around the village for you.

Clash of Clans: build village, defend, delete or buy

At the latest, if you have a town hall level 5, your village should be equipped so that it has the chance to resist the attacks of the invaders. Anyone who has studied extensively with to attacks and not enough with his own defense, will regret it in later battles in any case, because the loss of one's own goods are not long-term balance with the resources of raids.

Fundamental strategic advice for the construction of villages in Clash of Clans

  • not placed the resources all at the same place in your village, but distributes them.
  • Let space between the buildings, for example, always two fields. In this way, the attacking units must run longer and you get time to attack them with your defenses.
  • Reinforces the defenses and resources, a common, your attacker must break the more walls.
  • Turn up your defenses next to the resources access most of the units either resources or defenses to. If both are next to each other must continue to run the counterparty and may be under fire from you at this time.
  • The paths of the adversary can be extended also by their gaps schedules in your walls and paving these roads with traps and bombs.
  • Distributes the mortar and anti-aircraft defense of the entire village, they are a valuable part of the defense system.

A very good support for the strategic plan of building a base of Clash of Clans Builder, which further helps you even when forging tactical stroke of genius.


Clash of Clans: Delete village and start over

This function is not provided in the app from the Google Play store, you can not delete individual villages. So you can start over, you have to either delete your account completely, or only reset the score:

delete account

  1. Starts Clash of Clans and selects the bottom right &# 8220;settings&# 8221; out.
  2. Typed at the bottom of the left &# 8220;Help and Support&# 8221; and selects any question.
  3. Now you can find the top right of the option &# 8220;Contact&# 8221; and now you can a message to the support post and ask that your account will be deleted. Once you have it receive a confirmation, your Clash of Clans village is cleared.

delete only the score

  1. Uninstalled the app on your Android or iOS device, so that all data is erased.
  2. Now you invite download the latest version of the game in the Google Play Store and install it on your new device. You are asked whether you want to sign you with an account from Game Center or Google Plus and then have to select another than the previous account.
clash-of-clans-builder-1Clash of Clans tactics in building a village of Chontolonyot

Clash of Clans: buy or sell village

An alternative to the new beginning is the purchase of other accounts. ebay *Clash of Clans: build village, defend, delete or buy and other providers offer many opportunities for it in different price ranges. Unproblematic that matter, if you know the person who buys her account. Otherwise, you should see exactly what your money ausgebt.

Accounts which have a strong and powerful at first glance, but have perhaps neglected their defenses neglected and the consequences must then pay for it.

Those who want to sell themselves, should be careful not to come out his player names, because the developers are not exactly happy about this business and it may be that your account will be blocked when they learn of the sale. In addition, you should of course make sure that your game account is linked to your Google account or Apple ID and only the account transmits and does not sell the entire account.

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