Samsung Galaxy S7 (edge) at Amazon, Saturn and Media Markt – the smart phone in the price comparison

As part of the MWC 2016 were presented by Samsung with Samsung Galaxy and Galaxy S7 S7 edge both new flagship models. Both devices appeared in March and have become a lot cheaper since release. If the upcoming Galaxy Note 7 you will be too expensive, the S7 series is still a viable alternative. An overview of the opportunities and contract data, we deliver you elsewhere - where you can listen to strike, we tell you in our price comparison.

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After the presentation of the latest Galaxy smartphones and the announcement of the release date a few months have passed. Meanwhile, although there is no Pre-order bonuses more, but you can sure of price reductions benefit. Right now, since the release of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is imminent, the S7 series could be again favorable. In our test, the Samsung Galaxy S7 you learn whether the purchase worthwhile.

Gallery Samsung Galaxy S7 - Gold

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Samsung Galaxy S7 (edge) at Amazon

The first place for the lowest prices is probably at almost every now Amazon. The shipping service not only has a huge range of products from all directions, but also shines with a fast delivery time and excellent service. The advantage of ordering from Amazon: Ordered her smartphone before and the price will be changed in the short term, it will benefit more from the best option. Amazon you can both the Samsung Galaxy S7 and the S7 edge each purchase, with or without a contract. For the manufacturer's guarantee you can also also purchase a separate device protection, which costs either € 73.99 for two years (Samsung Galaxy S7), or 98.99 euros (Samsung Galaxy S7 edge). Amazon currently offers the best prices for the devices (as of July 2016). 

order Samsung Galaxy S7 for Amazon*order Samsung Galaxy S7 edge on Amazon*

Gallery Samsung Galaxy S7 edge - Black

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Samsung Galaxy S7 (edge) at Saturn in the price comparison

In addition, you have the option of S7 or S7 edge to also purchase from Saturn. Of course, you can go into a Saturn store near you at random, or order directly from the online shop. Again, the two devices have become cheaper and only cost 629 and 729 euros, but also at Saturn, there are regular promotions and special offers where you can save tidy and a price comparison makes sense. Pre-orders were formerly from the Virtual reality glasses Samsung, the Samsung Gear VR benefit. Which there is now no more. Single müsstet spend their glasses for 99 euros. If you do not want to wait for the mailman, you can also specify the purchase, that you present your order want to pick up right in the market - Returns müsstet their ordering for the S7 but also do not pay. Another advantage: If you will not pay at once the device or, can you benefit from a zero-percent financing, the period can decide it.

order Samsung Galaxy S7 at Saturn*order Samsung Galaxy S7 edge at Saturn*

Price comparison: Samsung Galaxy S7 (edge) at Media Markt

gear-vr-galaxy-s7As a pre-order bonus for the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge there was the Gear VR free.

Also at Media Markt you could initially benefit together with Samsung Gear VR at the reservation by the bundle. Will you not forking out extra money above, you must now do without the glasses. The smartphone also has such advantages enough for you, because we are sure. As with Saturn, you can order online and pick up again directly in the market, if you your postman as unfamiliar.

Samsung Galaxy S7 ordered at Media Markt*order Samsung Galaxy S7 edge at Media Markt*

Samsung Galaxy S7 refer directly from the source

In addition to the usual suspects you can edge you the Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 but also simply through the online store of Samsung order itself. Here, too, you have the advantage in some cases already mentioned:

  • Free express delivery
  • 0% financing
  • Direct line to the Samsung customer support

However, prices for the devices in the official store have not yet been reduced. So if you ordered there, you can adjust yourself to the fact that her something paid more than other outlets.

order Samsung Galaxy S7 / S7 edge at Samsung*

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