The Eifon of Äppel – All info here!

The Eifon is not just a phone. No, in the pocket-sized device plugged half a computer. We give the most important information: What can it what it costs? And above all: How do you spell it right ?!

The Eifon of Äppel - All info here!

The Eifon of Äppel is Apple's iPhone

Apple is an American brand. Writing the name "Apple", but talking him out of "Gone Apple". Translated, the company name "Apple".

Consequently, the logo is an apple. Inconsistent way, Apple forth no apple juice.

The Eifon of Äppel - All info here!Apple logo on the back of the iPad and iPhone.

No, because Apple is an electronics company. There are two reasons for the name: a fruit diet of Steve Jobs (pronounced "Stif Tschobs") at a time the company was founded, and: The employees fell to a user-defined time, a nothing better. Even if you do not believe it: both right!

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Eifon versus iPhone: Loud English words

Also in the product name, Californians have once thought only of themselves: they are English. And that stupid to English is that we speak the words differently than they are written. The famous mobile phone called "Eifon". But you wrote "iPhone".

"Phone" is called "phone". (Pronounced in English: "ei") that before the word or an "i" stands is just a stupid habit of the company.

4264Happy Birthday, iPhoneBy now it should already be clear: The iPhone has anything to do with an egg. Except, perhaps, that you can use it as an egg timer.

IPhone at a Glance

The iPhone is not only a mobile phone and an egg timer. We can do so much more: Surfing the Internet ( "sörfen"), manage appointments, watch videos or play games. And much more:

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The iPhone can be so much that Apple can for it and ask for more. And yet it buy enough people. At least there is a colored one since, 2013.

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The iPhone is a great device. Read regularly GIGA (pronounced. "GIGA" Now that's a good name!), And you learn a lot about Apple, the iPhone, computer games and Android devices.

And sometimes even eggs watches.

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If regular readers have strayed here and ask, what this is nowIt was an inner desire to respond to such realizations us - we are confronted again and again with it. Most beautiful proof offers the Google autocomplete who even knows the different generations:

The Eifon of Äppel - All info here!

So please take this post with humor - thank you.

Sun from the mouse.

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