run Firefox without installation: The portable web browser

Install software administrative rights are usually required to set certain values ​​in the Windows registry. It is often the case, however, that you do not get acknowledged as users of these rights, for example on the working computer or internet cafe. Thanks to portable versions you must still do without the comfort of the popular web browser after Mozilla Firefox Download.

Limited user rights often have their meaning. At the workstation, for example, is to prevent that essential system settings can be changed. Internet cafe, the operator wants to retain control over all its computers and gives guests an only very limited access. Even software installations are prevented by withdrawal of user rights. But thanks to portable software, it is also no longer necessary to install appropriate programs.

Firefox without installation &# 8211; Double-click and go

portable firefox download iconBy downloading the portable version of Mozilla Firefox allowing the user to utilize the functionality of the web browser &# 8211; and completely without installation. The program simply works from the folder out. By downloading, you get an archive that you must unpack. Included in the archive is an executable file Firefox, you open with a double click. Firefox is started.

The portable program has all the features that are also included in the conventional Firefox. Browsing set favorites and download software is possible even without installing the Internet.

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Firefox without installation &# 8211; Personalized Web browser on the USB stick

The portable version of Firefox can be used on any PC. And the file must not even be on the PC itself. In order to always have your own Firefox it, you can download the portable version on a USB stick and run the program from the storage device. Connect the USB flash drive to a computer and start your personal web browser &# 8211; comfortable and fast.

Thanks to the many personalization features of Firefox, you can even integrate your own extensions in the non-install version of Firefox. You can also save your bookmarks with Firefox Portable just use as the conventional Firefox.


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