World of Warships: Minekaze Guide – The Ninja on the high seas!

In World of Warships the Minekaze is an extremely dangerous destroyer who can show a very high torpedo range and can thus cause a lot of damage. We show you how using the best Minekaze in Wargamings Ship MMO.

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The Minekaze is a significant development of the Japanese torpedo destroyers, because they can use their torpedoes over very long distances away and remain completely undetected. Thus the small ship the ideal Ninja of the seas is.

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The Minekaze at a glance

  • destroyer
  • Tier V - Japan
  • 10900
primary artillery
  • 4x 120 mm turrets
  • 7.6 km range
  • 45.0 seconds for 180 ° rotation
  • Max Schaden HE: 2,000
  • Max Schaden PB: 2,000
  • 6.0 rounds per minute
Secondary artillery
  • No
  • 3&# 215; 2 533 mm torpedoes
  • 7.0 km range
antiaircraft gun
  • 1&# 215; 2 25 mm Flak
  • 1&# 215; 2 13.2 mm Flak
  • 2x 13.2 mm anti-aircraft guns
  • 39.4 knots Maximum
  • 550 m turning circle
  • 2.8 seconds rudder actuating time
  • 5.9 km visibility range
  • 3.1 km Air recognizability

World of Warships: Minekaze guide - you do not know what is true!

The Minekaze has enormously effective torpedoes caliber 533 mm on board, which already provides for regular damage. In addition, she has inherited the three throwers from the Isokaze, which in turn provides excellent fire solutions. You can namely - as the previous ship - put your subjects tactically in the road of the enemy.

worldofwarships 2015-07-15 14-17-48-335The Minekaze one of the fastest ships in World of Warships.

But most of the new torpedo launchers of Minekaze is the fantastic range of eels! Because you may be able to fire exactly ten kilometers, which is almost twice as far as your maximum visibility. This you are the ultimate sniper and Ninja on the battlefield.

Intuition is important!

To make something on such large distances, but you need a very good gut feeling and a lot of experience with torpedoes. Because on ten kilometers rich minor market corrections of the opponent and your subjects go wrong. So this tactic uses only very sluggishly against targets such as heavy US battleships or aircraft carriers.

worldofwarships 2015-07-15 14-21-41-216To meet on high distances something with the Minekaze must have their good intuition.

Against maneuverable targets you should closer, up to six kilometers just about OK. but then fits well that no man discovered. If you do, throw the rocket launcher and hisses from. For the Minekaze has very strong machines that manage to nearly 40 accounts!

World of Warships: Minekaze Guide - The artillery monkeys are back!

The artillery of Minekaze looks at first glance pretty neat, but unfortunately this is the same monkey troop as the Wakatake at work. For the four turrets with 120 mm cannons rotate incredibly slow and have a crappy rate of fire. And in contrast to Wakatake the grenades rich only 7.6 kilometers!

worldofwarships 2015-07-15 14-16-31-585Unfortunately, the anti-aircraft guns and artillery of Minekaze are sub-optimal!

Therefore, you should only use the guns against other destroyers or to cover your withdrawal if your camouflage blows up. And even then you are rough at a disadvantage because your US counterpart, the USS Nicholas, fired twice as fast and has more Health. Remains with the Minekaze so better at a distance.

Minekaze -Tips

  • remains outside the detection range.
  • Your torpedoes are extremely far-reaching. But you need some skill to make something on these distances.
  • Avoiding close combat, your artillery is crap.
  • Your air defense also is not worth much.

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