Android Apps Sync multiple devices – but how?

to have several Android phones, for example, a service and a home phone, is cumbersome. All the apps and their content, such as notes, logins, settings and high scores in games are times on a, sometimes on the other phone. Although the Google Play Store synchronizes the Apps, but not (yet) its contents.

Android Apps Sync multiple devices - but how?

There are few solutions, unfortunately, because Android tries as protected as possible to keep all your private data, but these few, we introduce you.

sync apps: DataSync

Android Apps Sync multiple devices - but how?The simple operation and many reviews I came across this app. DataSync makes it possible to create synchronization profiles with a few clicks to synchronize certain apps on specific devices. It can upload both via Wi-Fi Direct and Dropbox backup and automatically download from another device and run it. In the Pro version which then works also through Bluetooth and NFC (Near Field Communication). For the whole process is unfortunately &# 8220; root&# 8220; required.

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Really exemplary is the scheduling option that you can perform weekly synchronizations.

DataSync is free, but the pro version costs.

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sync apps: Helium Backup

Android Apps Sync multiple devices - but how?helium backup is really just a backup program, meant to back up the data of a phone and to restore it in an emergency. However, it is far more capable in the Pro version: It can synchronize between different Android devices to. It invites the relevant data up to either Dropbox or Google Drive.

The advantage? This works without &Root; # 8220&# 8220 ;, but a program for Windows, Mac or Linux is then necessary. Unfortunately, the app is still a little buggy and breaks often when synchronizing or freezes quite firmly.

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Helium Premium costs € 3.71 and is a real alternative to DataSync, for all those who (can) not rooten their smartphone.

sync apps: Google Play Sync

Android Apps Sync multiple devices - but how?In a development version of the Google Play Store a synchronization option in the settings of Android has appeared to be synchronized with the Google cloud all app data at any time. When a new Android device registers with the Google account, the data such as synchronized with the example of notes can now. In addition, there is an option that all personal data, it may be news on Whatsapp or login will be excluded from the synchronization. Sorry, no settings are there but offered to exclude individual apps from Syncprozess.

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The update will probably appear in the near future and then be enabled by default.

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