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The Open Candy Cleanup Tool to find all program remnants of OpenCandy and eliminate. it has, however, so additional software already installed, they will not eliminated!

Open Candy is a model for monetizing software installations, by packing these additional software to do so. These so-called recommendations are then installed separately. Often without you actually want to. Some virus scanners can block at the start already. And the additional software can be uninstalled in most cases with normal and trouble-free. But if you have not followed our tip on how to stop Open Candy forever and installation still residual left behind it, then the Open Candy Cleanup helps tool.

What does the Open Candy Cleanup Tool?

The manufacturer of Open Candy argue that if you install Open Candy himself back no remnants. And even if they do, then they can do more harm actually. The actual damage occurs at the moment when calling an installation program that contains the Open Candy modules. Then and only then will they be unpacked to the hard drive and started. Then the setup deletes these components normally again.

open candy-cleanup toolThe Open Candy Cleanup tool has done its job

But when it comes to an error during installation, it might even happen that file remains of Open Candy remain. Usually are then in the Temp folder of Windows. The Open Candy Cleanup Tool, all can be tracked down these radicals and delete.

Start Open Candy Cleanup Tool

The Open Candy Cleanup Tool consists of only one executable that can run from a USB flash drive. There is no exciting surface, no settings and not even a performance analysis. The program is started, it begins with a scan, and when it is finished, it notifies us. More does not happen.

As we could control in a test, however, the relevant files are such as ocsetuphlp.dll correctly found and eliminated. In this way eliminates remnants that might interfere with subsequent installations or perhaps confuse the virus scanner.

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