See the new show at Sat.1 birthday today Newtopia live stream, TV and repetition

In recent months and years, there have always been Shows hard to establish itself permanently in the television landscape. The popularity of Idol, The Bachelor or GNTM new formats rarely come close. Sat.1 now tried with "Newtopia" a new advance in television history. Newtopia launched last Wocheam Monday, February 23 at 19 o'clock at Sat.1, now you can watch the next episode of Newtopia in the stream view.

See the new show at Sat.1 birthday today Newtopia live stream, TV and repetition

If you have no TV or still are on the way to the time of day, you can starting today all the consequences of Newtopia live stream watch Magine *. After registering you stands one Sat.1 live stream free for 30 days for retrieval.

see Newtopia live stream at Sat.1 Magine*

After the free trial month you stands Sat.1 live stream together with other channels for € 4.99 a month ready for Magine. If you do not like the service, you have to do nothing more. You can in the free option continues ARD, ZDF and other stations online in the browser view on iPad, iPhone or Android smartphone and tablet.

On the website for sending you also can free to turn Newtopia live stream and stays on all the latest happenings of the residents to date. With the right app you get yourself to the live stream also on smartphone or tablet.

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Newtopia app

Newtopia live stream and TV experiment in 2015 at Sat.1

In Newtopia 15 candidates will live in a completely separate company for a year. The participants in the experiment are of course accompanied by cameras. Unlike Big Brother, it is intended to, however, be no rules and regulations for residents. Rather, the 15 pioneers Newtopias should make their own rules and laws in society on its feet. At the beginning of the program there is no hierarchy, the candidates are faced with the task of creating order in their own mini-state. By sending Sat.1 want to study how people behave when their society has to be built out of nothing. The show is designed for one year. During this time the 15 pioneers are watched by 105 cameras, how they build their own state out of nowhere. is standard only a bare and unheated 450-square barn and a starting capital of 5,000 € and 25 € -Telefonguthaben.

For Newtopia Stream*

Sat.1 even the candidates described as very different. Through the various views of a functioning society, conflicts and discussions are to be fanned. The population is only an empty barn and a vacant piece of land near Berlin. In addition, the residents will be provided a livestock.


New show 2015: Newtopia live stream and TV starting today: Newtopia passport and TV transmission at Sat.1

Behind Newtopia stands with John De Mol, the same producer who has been responsible for Big Brother. In the Netherlands Newtopia was very successful in the US, the show was, however, offset by the parallel society after a short time. In Germany it Newtopia from February 23 can Monday to Friday from 19 AM. Without TV set her on at Newtopia live stream on Magine * a. In addition, there should be a 24/7 live stream with a round-the-clock insight to the new Newtopia Society for the shipment. Channel on YouTube to show it in advance various video clips can watch the new TV format.

The Newtopia Pass offers you round the clock access to Newtopia live stream. In addition, you can vote for your favorite pioneers. The pass is available in a free and premium version on the official website of the show.

  • 24/7 access to a live stream (from TV-start)
  • Watch in HD Quality
  • Vote for new pioneers
  • Chat with Newtopia community
  • Premium: Newtopia live Sttream in HD without ads
  • Premium: 360 ° cameras to control themselves
  • Exclusive videos and news

see Newtopia repeat

After the first week the first candidates have already thrown in the towel and leave Newtopia. After only one week Diellza has left the Sat.1 show behind him. Reason for the move is to be an accident in her family. Whether the model returns, is not yet clear. Sat.1 you can now online repeating Newtopia online in the stream to see. In addition, several highlight videos found there from the first steps of the new company.

Newtopia-screenshot-2Image Sources: screenshots via YouTube

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