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Who uses the Google Chrome browser, is to a large extent on the open source Chromium browser. Chromium includes a large part of the source code of Google Chrome, and is provided as an open project.

Behind the download link you come to the Chromium download. This brings you a regular basis the latest version of the browser. update the developer of the open source browser on a regular basis and provide hobbyists and developers the source code from Chromium free of charge.

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Chromium: Chrome light

Unlike Google Chrome Chromium waived by the Chrome Terms of use and licensing reasons, among others, the following components:

  • Brand features (name and logo)
  • Package Management Google Update
  • RLZ identifier
  • Adobe Flash Player

Chromium download

Besides Chromium provides all important and relevant functions of the full browser-brother. Thus, for example here. As well Tabs support, individual web pages divided into individual Prozese etc. In addition, can normally browser extensions are used in Chromium. Updates of Chromium often provide insights into new functions and features in future versions of Google Chrome.

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Chromium: Download and install

The Chromium is particularly suitable for web enthusiasts, hobbyists and developers. In addition, you can access to the browser, if indeed you enjoy the features of Google, but you have no desire or on the logo of the search engine giant and automatic updates by Google Update want to install -Light a "Google Chrome". The browser interface is identical to the user interface of Google Chrome. Chromium gives you a browser with which you can quickly surf through the Internet. Among other things, the Yandex Browser is based out of the hand of the Russian Google competitor Yandex on the open source Chromum browser.

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