GameStop makes itself with new Assassin’s Creed advertising in the United States unpopular

GameStop is once again in the headlines. In the US, the retail chain has in some players due to an advertisement for Assassin&# 8217; s Creed: Origins made quite unpopular.

Since yesterday American players discuss an Internet advertisement GameStop who find some consumers very naughty. In the video display you see just the main character Bayek which slides down a pyramid before a confused-looking camel pushes into the picture and you take the view of the Assassins. Then there is a display with the following slogan:

Sorry. The bonus mission is blocked. Unless you you are ordering Assassin&# 8217; s Creed Origins ago. 

AD GameStop

Among them there is an indication that you can pre-order the game at GameStop you. Most players show up angry especially. So polygon despised especially the passive-aggressive tone of advertising. The pre-order bonus is not presented as something positive in this screen to get the players in addition to the full game experience. Instead, the bonus will be displayed as content that is missing you, if you do not pre-order the game you.

In the video you can learn how our first impression of the new Assassin&# 8217; s Creed was. 

7971Assassin's Creed Origins - Our impression at gamescom

Even the YouTuber YongYea dealt extensively with the issue in one of his videos. "I'm pretty annoyed by the ignorance and recklessness, which are placed here on the day," said YongYea. " are steeped in a time when video games of spurned methods such as pre-order bonuses, Season Pass, Gold Editions, micro-transactions, Lootboxen and other forms of reckless greedy pay walls. GameStop there is but seemingly funny that consumers will cut with each additional year through new business models zweilichtige over the ear. "

Even with these actions, GameStop has not made popular in the past. 

Start Photogallery(11 images)The nine largest Fails by and with GameStop

Some players were not sure whether the display is at all real. Few could namely actually call. In another video to YongYea turns this question and proves that it is with all most likely to be a real advertisement. But it does seem as if GameStop has taken them now offline.

Here you can Assassin&# 039; s Creed: Order Origins*

Though it has the most user on NeoGAF outraged, there are some players who felt more amused. They felt the advertising even more as self-deprecating. Again, other users found some words of praise for the honesty of the display.

What do you say to advertising? Can you understand the debate or not you find the ad so bad?


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