Star Wars Rogue-One Trading Card: Limited tickets at a glance

In time for the upcoming launching science-fiction spectacle Star Wars: Rogue One in Germany there is again the familiar trading card manufacturer's Topps. To guarantee you can complete collection, we show you here what you can expect with the Star Wars trading cards and what limited cards can dust off her.

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The collecting fever go. Next month, on 15 December 2016 will start with Star Wars: Rogue One the next adventure of the famous science fiction film series. Fits to are&# 8217; s also again a lot of merchandise and of course the ever-popular trading cards. Is made possible by the manufacturer Topps, who provided us already at the last films with trading cards. We show you which limited tickets are available and what can else you do with a new trading cards.

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Star Wars: Rogue One &# 8211; Trading cards and Limited Cards at a glance

On the official Facebook page MyTopps Germany has now announced that limited tickets will be included in the new Star Wars Rogue One trading card action. It is here Six Limited Cards, the can you get in different ways. We tell you which trading cards are available and where you can get your them.

Limited mapSo you get it
Jyn ErsoStarter Pack and Decks
Baze MalbusDecks
Director KrennicCollector Case and Decks
Darth VaderDecks
Cassain AndorDecks
Küstentruppler5! Magazine (Issue: 8/2016, available from 21:12 2016th)

Star Wars Rogue One Trading Cards

Overall, the collection will contain more than 250 collectible cards &# 8211; including are of course lots of images from the new Star Wars adventures that have never seen her. To get an overview of which tickets are available, it brings you the best Starter Pack *Star Wars Rogue-One Trading Card: Limited tickets at a glance- in addition to the limited map of Jyn Erso the pack contains a binder, a checklist posters, in which you can enter your progress. In addition, of course, you get 5 more great cards.

Look here, the new Star Wars trading cards to Rogue One in YouTube video:

Where can you buy the Star Wars Rogue-One Trading cards?

The Star Wars trading cards from Topps are available now from authorized dealers. In addition, of course you can also order online the cards, for example, on Amazon. There are also different packs, for example, the booster pack *Star Wars Rogue-One Trading Card: Limited tickets at a glance 50 booster cards. If you targeted searches for individual cards, always worth a look on eBay *Star Wars Rogue-One Trading Card: Limited tickets at a glance. Here, however, you should compare prices to make sure that you pay too much for individual cards. We show you how you can find out the Ebay average price.

With us you experience even when the Star Wars Rogue-One Ticket sales begin for cinemas in Germany.

Source: Topps Germany


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