Otelo hotline: Customer service and contact information

If you have a problem with the wireless service provider Otelo, it helps in many cases to apply directly to the Kunderservice. Otelo has set up a hotline for any problems. Otherwise, there are also other contact options for the service of the company. We tell you what and how you do best contacted in case of problems. 

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If you have problems with Otelo, the easiest way is to solution various problems that Otelo hotline. Although Otelo part of Vodafone, but has its own hotline. In this article you learn how her Customer Service achieved by Otelo and what problems can help you this. If you want to learn more about the Otelo network, we help you elsewhere on. We also tell you if and how you can use with Otelo LTE.

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Otelo hotline: reach customer service

If you have received an incorrect invoice, your reception for a long time does not work or you're simply unhappy with your contract, you can check out the customer service of Otelo hotline turn. But there are other ways to problems with the providers to clear out of the way. So you can set these options detail:

  • Free consulting and order hotline: 0800 5032830 &# 8211; here you will call, if you wish to counseling one of Otelo tariffs or will order a favorite contract. The hotline is free.
  • Customer Service: 0172 1243333 &# 8211; here you will call when you are already a customer and want to pass on questions or complaints. This hotline is free for Otelo users with Flat.
  • E-Mail: You want the customer service of Otelo reached by e-mail? Write to the following address: [email protected]
  • The Otelo App offers you the opportunity to keep your costs and mobile at a glance.
  • There is also a Contact form, about can build their contact. Here you can directly select the topic of your problem.
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Otelo customer service: When should you call the hotline

Before you directly to the Customer Service calls, you have still the possibility you read the most frequently asked questions together with the respective answers. Especially many contract or comprehension questions clarify itself here already. Some error messages or malfunctions are explained here. You can offer your problem not find there, you can watch the Hotline yes call still. If there is an error in the Vodafone network (Otelo is part of the Vodafone network) we tell you elsewhere what you can do.


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