Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Reviews – It’s the little things that count

The story of Nathan Drake is told. That means the end of the Uncharted series not simultaneously proves developer Naughty Dog with the standalone DLC The Lost Legacy. And also shows that the new game, despite the "only" eight to ten hours of play full Uncharted games in no way inferior.

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Chloe Frazer that you should surely as Nathan's ex-girlfriend from Uncharted 2 and Part 3 be known, is looking for the lost tusk of Ganesha, the Indian god and Lord of Obstacles. Because it is not the only one who has made it his mission to find him, and feels threatened by an aggressive rebel army, she gets Nadine Ross on their side. The former leader of the mercenary troops Shoreline, which had its first appearance in the last Uncharted A Thiefs end, losing after which its just this army and tries to win back through the journey to India.

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The two women could not be more similar: both are experienced in their field, to some extent, ruthless and have little trust in others, they were nevertheless often deceived. Also each other they do not dare, at least initially on the way, are distant and snippy. This is what makes it a much more interesting and spannungsgeladenerem Duo as yet Nathan and Sam Drake.

For the first time exploring freedom

Already in the first hour succeeds Chloe and Nadine, an important artifact that brings them in their search for the tusk far forward to steal the rebel leader ASAV. Use the small golden disc can be found in the Indian jungle ancient buildings that need to activate it. While the rest of the game is largely linear, you explore the jungle area completely free and can even take a great side quest.


How Uncharted 4 Chloe and Nadine move thereby usually an SUV continued that accelerates not only significantly going forward, but also serves to so many places to solve the puzzle but far trickier. Of course, also climbed much again felt Chloe reached even higher goals than they Nathan Uncharted 4. However, new mechanisms, the developers have come up with: So Chloe may use a hair clip for lock picking.

Benefits for Schleicher

This helps you not only with the many brain-teasers, but also in combat. Thus, certain enemies can only be defeated with weapons found in Chloe cracked crates. But also particularly valuable pistols and rifles you get only if you manage to open certain locks. Exactly in this way I find my favorite weapon from The Lost Legacy: The pistol with a silencer. Because even if I still can not lure opponents to me here in the new Uncharted game in slow mode, I can nevertheless off unnoticed opponents who are not in my nourishing environment.

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Also very helpful in the fight: Nadine. While Chloe has repeatedly hit in a duel at enemies until they finally go to the ground, the battle-hardened mercenary takes only a few blows to overwhelm their target. And unlike even Sam Uncharted 4 she goes completely independently going at enemies while you're still employed elsewhere.

So you master the multiplayer of Uncharted 4

It's the little things

But even if the developers have come up with some new features: The Lost Legacy is basically nothing more than Uncharted 4 with fresh protagonists and a more open world. The fighting, the obligatory climbing passages and even some puzzles come one on one from Uncharted 4. And even the course of history recalls, without wanting to give too much away here on so many others in the series.

but that's not so bad, but there are many more small moments and entertaining dialogues that The Lost Legacy make such a special game. So Chloe is not a diary as Nathan Drake, but they can take pictures of their adventures with their smartphone. At one point Nadine grabs the phone so Chloe can be with the picture, and gives it then also instructions on how they can look even better in the photo.

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This loosens the otherwise tense search for the treasure something on and are both usually so tough women more character. Of course, that's not the only small gesture or situation that loosens the game. Finding The Lost Legacy but instead in many parts of the jungle, I met so many colorful iridescent parrot or little monkey rocks at bars to which I will hand over hand me the next second.

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My test Conclusion The Lost Legacy: all the same and yet so different

Perhaps The Lost Legacy is just an advanced and playing in another setting Uncharted 4, the game has up to a few innovations here and there but overall not much new to offer. But that was not the objective of Naughty Dog, you realize already at the price of the game will cost Uncharted: The Lost Legacy but already the release "only" just under 43 euros.

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For that you get a short but Uncharted 4 offered in nothing following story with decent action and liquid gameplay. the whole is crowned by the beautiful small moments that give the two new main characters not only personality, but in my opinion, make up for all the charm of the game.


You'll like if you have already Uncharted 4 loved, find strong women class and can do something with the little things and moments of life.

If you do not like when you of The Lost Legacy Innovations expect, find hose Level boring and you eight to ten hours of play for just under 43 euros much too little.


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