Syberia 3 in the test: Graphic and linguistic Metzelfest

Soft sounds accompany the winter landscape; dancing snowflakes and a brown and white owl gliding through the air. Her gaze roams the icy boat; buried in the snow and is a woman, Kate Wa - Here breaks the German language edition unfortunately from.

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Dark, dirty chambers; tortured, one-legged boy; People who like to yell if you do not talk and endless, endless road and alleys, from which you will never escape: Syberia 3 watching you from the shadows of a graphics error and then hit exactly to the loading bar on you if you at least it expect. A game that makes even the most hardened veterans Adventure to the test.

This Adventures You must have played!

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It could have been good

You know this: If you want you make popcorn in the microwave oven, shove the small, delicious grains together with aluminum foil in the box, powering up him and everything explodes? Because that's happened to Syberia third In the sequel to the adventure series, the story of Kate Walker continues - and the story that is told, is still the best in the game.

A picturesque scene welcomes you at the beginning.A picturesque scene welcomes you at the beginning.

Melancholic sounds accompany you through a snow-white winter landscape; bare, icy branches access to the sky, while you follow an owl through the air. A shattered boat rises from the ground and in you, more dead than alive. But help is at hand: At a leisurely trot ostriches a Youkol caravan marching in your direction before the pudgy, little men and women discover you and absorb. They will save you life and then take you to a sanatorium, where your adventure begins.

Rime: So nice to be the adventure

You straight into the shoes of Kate Walker, the lawyer who has breathed also the first two parts of the series life. Kate makes it his mission to help the Inuit similar Youkol in their journey to the hotbed of Snow ostriches. Here, their story continues, although it would not have been necessary after the successful end in Syberia second But well - So you wake up in the sanatorium ...

Kate Walker in the sanatorium.No variety of dialogue options.

My head is buzzing when I open my eyes. A deep crack runs through the ceiling above me; I turn my head and see a one-legged, fat boy, strapped to a stretcher. My chest contracts anxious while I get up; everywhere flips the color of the walls and a sad rain penetrates through space&# 8230;

Where am I?

Hello, Kate Walker.

Startled, I turn to the boy: How could he speak without giving a single sound? H-Hello ... I ask confused. And he starts to talk, he has a voice! Relieved, I listen to him, but strange is going on: Time and again, the young man breaks off in mid-sentence and to make matters worse, he startled me with rude, loud admonition, if I think too long about my words.

Where I'm just landed?

Yes, where is Kate Walker as only landed? It would have to be good.

Were it not for

The unspeakable German speech. As already indicated waiting Syberia 3 having such a gruesome German synchronization that the inclined adventurers prefer would rip the ears off his head. Sets break in the middle, and overdriven demands for a response put you on alert, you should three seconds longer talking think want. But do not worry: The dialogues are anyway not very demanding, so this will not occur very often.

Syberia3_20170501184330Even with the trophies will not pay attention to upper and lower case.

Were it not for

The loading bar. Although I was able to test the game with the PS4 Pro, it loads very ... &# 8230; often ... and ... very ... long. The loading screen is to your best friend is not only the beginning of your adventure You can over a longer period intimate pictures go with him, no, even during the game he gets popped again and again to tell you hello. Here, the Adventure gives you the opportunity to expand your relationship with him - gradually it appears that is more and more often, so that his face is burning in your mind.

Here's a taste:

Syberia3_20170502231056Loading, loading, loading, loading.

Were it not for

The graphic. Nearly the player would think Syberia 3 had been adapted for nostalgic reasons the predecessors. In the game you will immediately added 15 years working in the past, for graphic design and control feel suspiciously 2002. but the charm of the retro gameplay is lost, unfortunately, when you attack the graphic Monster:

Squint and through: darkness, flying staircases that lead nowhere and graphic salad.Squint and through: darkness, flying staircases that lead nowhere and graphic salad.

You move Kate Walker in the old-style adventure, by moving them manövrierst with arrow keys or stick around the room. The control is becoming a mini-game once the camera angles change suddenly and successfully confuse you. Will you find your way through the crazy maze graphics?

What remains?

Syberia 3 may be technically a disaster, but there are also beautiful moments. Too bad that this unfortunately will end in frustration about charging times, dialogues and graphical shortcomings.

Syberia 3Not all bad: Charming puzzle.

The musical backdrop of Inon Zur carries much of the dark atmosphere and lets you dive effortlessly into the story. For this, the story inspired by Kate Walker and it's fun to decipher the not too tricky logic puzzles in the game. Also a plus: While the graphical environment is outdated, have faces and some rooms but some great charm, which owes the game the Belgian cartoonist Benoît Sokal.

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Syberia 3 &# 8211; Suitable for:

Strong-willed fans of the series, which can not be so easily fazed. Bored Adventurer, who have already played any other game of the genre and need a new title. Trash lovers.


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