Spotify: Books Hearing how it works (also free)

Who wants to listen to music on the computer, comes to Spotify now hardly avoid. Almost from every music genre is your favorite artist in her Spotify songs. The offer is then updated regularly. Recently, it is also possible to listen to audio books in Spotify. We show you how you can find Spotify audiobooks.

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Give them something in the search bar at Spotify "audio book" one, can already be found, although a variety of results, very helpful but it is not. Our test about every chapter of tommy jaud "Hummeldumm" were listed individually in the audiobook version. Particularly clear and purposeful is this search for Spotify audio books.

spotify-audiobook-screenshotThe search for a Spotify audio book turns out sometimes cumbersome

How can you find audio books in Spotify?

Alternatively, you search for the author whose literary work want to hear it as an audio book. Here, too, however, Spotify has its limits. When searching for Stephen King audio books about, Spotify is indeed highlights from the pen of horror author as a result of, but only in Polish or English language versions. Examined her, however, by Douglas Preston, can you hear several free audio books of the author in Spotify.

stephen-king-audiobook-spotifyStephen King audio books available at Spotify probably only in PolishStart Photogallery(14 images)One-hit wonder of the charts in Germany

Spotify audio books and radio plays

Many users have taken the trouble to combine several audio books in your own playlists. Searches for "talking books" and let you see all of the playlists in the upper pane of Spotify. This can you now scour for interesting audio books. An extensive collection of various audio books at Spotify can be found here. Will you go access to various novels and documents in read form, we recommend a look at the app &MI; # 8220&# 8220 ;. Here is a list of various audio books that you can browse to different genres. Spooks brings you Crime, thriller and children's books for Spotify to both the Android smartphone as well as on the iPad and iPhone.

Spooks in the Play Store

MI - Books & amp; radio playsdownloadQR codeSpooks - audio books & radio playsDeveloper: Zebralution GmbHPrice: Free

Spooks in the Apple App Store

Spooks: Books & storytellingdownloadQR codeSpooks: Audiobooks & radio playsDeveloper: Zebralution GmbH *Price: Free


Finding audiobooks at Spotify is not as easy as imagined in the result. So as with pieces of music you should at least know what the author want to stream it in the audio book version in advance. A general search for audio books provides the music streaming service itself not to. If you seek advance inspiration for current audio books, look at the audio book charts on Amazon *Spotify: Books Hearing how it works (also free) and then proceeds with the appropriate author and title at Spotify to the search. Children's radio plays be found at Spotify way, in abundance.

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