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Google Chrome with more privacy and additional functions.

CoolNovo is a replacement for the Google Chrome browser. CoolNovo based on the same technology of the provided open source Google Chromium technology, but compared to Chrome has some notable advantages.

So functions are disabled in CoolNovo privacy moderately serious, similar to SRWare Iron. The free browser also includes support for mouse gestures, as we know from Opera. CoolNovo can open pages in tabs that are loaded with the rendering engine of Internet Explorer &# 8211; as the Firefox add-on &# 8220; IE Tab&# 8221 ;. In addition CoolNovo offers some comfort features, such as closing a tab by double-clicking on the Tab button, and the support of various external download manager. Unfortunately, the open source project is currently available only in English and Chinese, ask on the product side, the developers but also for assistance in translation into other languages. CoolNovo also supports the built-in current Google Chrome versions Themes optical customize your browser.
A portable version of the software is also available:
Download CoolNovo Portable

In the new version, you can turn on and use the mouse wheel through the tabs synchronize cookies between IE rendering engine and Chrome.

Conclusion: Google Chrome is fast, no question &# 8211; maybe even the fastest browser currently available. The two biggest criticisms of Chrome, namely the questionable privacy policy of Google browser and the lack of extensions, eradicates from CoolNovo. CoolNovo is a browser project that you should keep in mind.

Danger: During installation, the profile of a possibly existing Chrome installation is overwritten.

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