Microsoft Office for iPad and iPhone (download): Word & amp; edit Excel files

Word, Excel and PowerPoint - these are the Office apps from Microsoft for iPhone and iPad. Since November they can be used largely without Office 365 subscription, document editing is now possible.

All three apps - ie Word, PowerPoint and Excel - Microsoft has updated to version 1.6. From now on it is possible that to store documents in iCloud. Access can be found in the tab opening -> Locations. Here we need to click on the menu item more to go to the online store of Apple. IOS 8 is required.

edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint files on the iPad with MS Office

The Office apps from Microsoft are worth a closer look, especially for iPad owners. Originally the extensive but expensive Cloud Solution Microsoft Office 365 - if purchased via in-app purchase or at various retailers * - the requirement to use the apps, read: To Word, Excel and PowerPoint models to edit, you had to pay. In November, Microsoft surprisingly turned off the Apps for anyone free. Only for some premium features in Word, Excel and PowerPoint, it is essential to book the service.

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Below iPad screenshots of Microsoft Office, links for more information and download links:

This is Microsoft Office for iPad and iPhone

Microsoft Office for iPad and iPhone consists of three applications ...

  • Word for iPad (word processing)

Microsoft Office for iPad: Word

  • Excel for iPad (spreadsheet) and

Microsoft Office for iPad: Excel

  • PowerPoint for iPad (presentations)

Microsoft Office for iPad: PowerPoint


The history of the Office apps to this level is quite confused: Microsoft launched an Office app for iPhone that could einheimsen absolutely no praise in our test. For this, the developers convinced then but three iPad apps - those referred to here. See: "Word for iPad in review: Great app, would not there ..." For active use first the book was a good but necessary for many to extensive Office subscriptions. Then Microsoft walked around the iPad apps to Universal apps since they can therefore also be used on the iPhone. Since November is - as described above - the use without subscription possible.

Microsoft Office for iPad: Free download of Word, Excel, PowerPoint

Here are the links for the free download of the three Office apps Word, Excel and PowerPoint:

Microsoft WorddownloadQR codeMicrosoft WordDeveloper: Microsoft Corporation *Price: Free Microsoft ExceldownloadQR codeMicrosoft ExcelDeveloper: Microsoft Corporation *Price: Free Microsoft PowerPointdownloadQR codeMicrosoft PowerPointDeveloper: Microsoft Corporation *Price: Free

By the way: A new desktop version, Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac, has been updated recently.

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  • Microsoft Office for iPad and iPhone (download): Word & amp; edit Excel files Microsoft Office for iPad
  • Microsoft Office for iPad and iPhone (download): Word & amp; edit Excel filesproduct imagesMicrosoft Office for iPad and iPhone (download): Word & amp; edit Excel filesMicrosoft Office for iPad and iPhone (download): Word & amp; edit Excel files


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